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I heard a rumor from inside the military last night

Apparently, it was recently stated that the troops would be home by Thanksgiving 2014, and so all military families are to set places at the table for them.

If this passes through enough houses this year, it will be a very BAD end of year for Obama, when people realize they are not coming home as promised, and as that spot just sits empty all night.

Details are still being worked out, and take what you will, but I think people should take pictures of the empty spots and demand answers when the time comes.

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Nothing new under the sun..

I could give you at least a hundred instances of 'we're going home by' nonsense. Got any more detail as to whom this information came from? Or is it just the usual scuttlebutt?

The President will "act". But words are not action.

No need for Congress to force the troops home.

When Congress is re-elected the soldiers will be forgotten for two more years.

Free includes debt-free!

So sad, so true

The saddest part is ..... And all for what!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

As a previous enlisted

As a previous enlisted soldier, this means nothing.

Makes sense to me

All those who wanted troops home should be celebrating.


Funny thing is...Ron Paul predicted that would happen.

You know what his solution was? To have never been involved in Iraq at all.

What is The Granger implying? Quite clearly, that we shouldn't ever leave any countries and we should always be involved in their politics/military.

true Ron paul predicted it

I believe that Americans have made investments in foreign countries in good faith, and when the other countries re-nig, don't hold up their end, especially, when Americans investments, our tax dollars have created industries in these countries, to allow the countries to take what we built and say, "Tough luck stupid Americans" and to bully us to leave our investment and then be charged to buy what we developed is something that younger generations pay for in blood.. either way.. the lesson is to NOT TRADE, because I don't see any country making any deal with the USA and keeping to their word. Why should they? So where does this leave America? Just where the UN Agenda wants us.. FEMA CAMPS, food, medical and gas rations, at best, or like Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Palestine (don't blame the Jews.. Jordan was made of the same treaties).

Invading a sovereign country,

Invading a sovereign country, usurping their resources and setting up shop for well connected corporations and contractors does not equate trade. I fail to understand your post, am I missing something?

There are many ways

countries , sovreign countries are invaded, usupring resources, setting up shops, well connected non-corporations, that do not eequate trade.. happening right here in America.

Yes, You fail to understand what you are losing, because you abet those usurping your rights, your taxes, by joining them, who hate America and for which she stands.

So blame America, and take for granted what you've got, because at the rate they are going and you will not have America for long, but a civil war.

I most certainly do NOT hate,

I most certainly do NOT hate, or stand with those who hate America! A very brazen implication. You seem to think because we allow corporate interests and politicians here in our country to break the law and take advantage of people that it is a okay to do that and much worse the world over. Our biggest export seems to be drones, bombs and bullets, to secure the petro dollar and corporate interests, to consolidate power and control.

How has the invasion of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, interventions in Syria, Africa, etc secured our liberties? Perhaps you could enlighten me? While we are on the subject of liberty, perhaps we should consider human rights, which were once considered universal.

I think you fail to understand that most of those that hate America are crafting our global, foreign and domestic policies. To wrap yourself blindly in the American flag, chanting USA, USA, is not patriotic. It is naive.

How does it secure your liberties?

How much liberty is there in a no-go area?



Airman/Private News Network?

Would be nice if true though....

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I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
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Inside sources, just a rumor among the troops, not sourced officially in any news publications.

I got you ;)

A/PNN = Rumors among troops (specifically, lower-enlisted privates/airmen)

T'was a joke, :)

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

honestly, thats what i thought you meant at first

but when i searched those names in google, they came up as news sites lol