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US Defense Contractors Caught Smuggling F-35 Blueprints To Iran (BenSwann.com)

"Court documents say engineer Khazaee worked at several different defense contractors. Court documents say the most recent employer was based in Connecticut that built F-22 Raptor’s F-119 engines.

Khazaee had shipped 44 boxes labeled “Household Goods” that were filled with thousands of pages in dozens of binders related to the JSF [F-35 Joint Strike Fighter] program."

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The F-35 is among the biggest DoD boondoggles in history. Perhaps this leak was directed by the CIA: if the Iranians tried to repeat our experience with the F-35, they'd probably bankrupt themselves and surrender.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Did you know

Did you know the Iranians re-engined their F-14 Tomcats with RD-33 engines found in MIG-29? It's really really funny! IRAN has the most advanced and most maneuverable F-14's ever flown! Imagine an F-14 with Thrust Vectoring... LOL!

That is smart! I am no Iran fanboy, but I am always willing to objectively give credit where credit is due.

Grats Iran!

What did we do?

We frakkin SCRAPPED and CHOPPED UP all of our F-14's. Why? So they couldn't inadvertently get spare parts from us. Stupid. There's so much we could have done with that platform to modernize it for cheap.

So he couldnt have gotten the

So he couldnt have gotten the electronic version and stored all that stuff on a single thumb drive?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

The Truth About the Useless F-35


On the F-35:

Can't turn.
Can't climb.
Can't run.

The 1st 3 and a half minutes is very enlightening. The rest is just music and Russian planes flying.

"The United States plans to buy 2,443 F-35 aircraft."

We can't afford them, and either can Iran!

Program cost US$1.45 trillion (over 50+ years)[5]
Unit cost
F-35A: US$153.1 million (Flyaway cost, 2013)[6]
F-35B: US$196.5M (flyaway cost, 2012)[7]
F-35C: US$199.4M (flyaway cost, 2013)


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