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Venting to my DP family - update to "Letter to my CO"

I know none of you personally, and yet I still see you all as my family. I'm having a hard day today and needed a place to vent. What better place than with like-minded individuals?

Enough with the sappy crap

This is an update to my previous post, "Letter to my CO" found here: http://www.dailypaul.com/305389/lettter-to-my-co

To catch everyone up that cares, I have been removed from my battalion, but still awaiting orders back to my old duty station to finish out my current enlistment, rather than commissioning (I did not end up going conscientious objector).

The day I handed in the letter to my CO, I spoke with my fellow Marines (only 6 of us - tight knit group of guys) and explained the situation. They were great about it and supported my decision, even though they didn't necessarily agree with it. I also told them it was a personal decision and had no intention of trying to convince them to do the same. Things seemed to be going a lot better than I expected them to go.

I had a bunch of leave saved up so I took all of January off and will be taking most of February off as well until I get my orders.

In short form, that brings us to where I'm at today.

After not seeing my buddies for awhile, I invited them to come to a poker night to hang out before I leave, and I got an email back saying that they were told not to have contact with me. This poker night has been a fairly regular thing for the last 3 years, so I'm surprised they listened. I'm not one to just back down, so I kept pushing the issue and after getting danced around the issue, I just found one of them where they were.

Short story shorter: They pretty much came to an agreement that I would not be a good influence around them and the midshipmen, so I should probably leave now.

And that was that. I walked out the door, probably to never see them again.

Now some of you may be saying "Good, good riddance!" But these have been my closest friends (at work) that I have been with every day for the last 3 1/2 years. It's not easy just walking out the door ending our friendships in that manner.

I've become an official outcast, but no need to have pity on me.

I'm sad.

I'm disappointed.

But I am fired up.

Bring it on.

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The bonds you have with those guys will still last...

The Military is honest and candid about having an authoritarian hierarchical structure. It is bad for business to have people under "command" begin questioning the motives and moral authority of the War Machine. Your friends are good people that are subjugated in a system that is built on social control through use of psychological reconditioning.

Circulate a book by the most decorated Marine in history. Every American should read that book. Maybe send it out in an email.

I bet eventually your friends will come around. Eventually, most everyone will.


A difficult situation, but you did the right thing, and the System is no fan of that. Most people will comply and conform, and that can make outcasts out of the principled folk.

But you will make new friends, better friends, and perhaps some of your colleagues wil have been influenced by you in ways you can't even imagine and may never fully be aware of.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Anytime you stick to principles, you will be an outsider

The vast majority of people go-along-to-get-along. If they hold principles, they hold them lightly and drop them willingly. Anyone who holds firm to their principles will find it a sometimes lonely journey.

I lost many friends and family members when I left the Church. Hardest, most painful decision I ever made. Found a wonderful woman who had also left the Church. Best friend and greatest companion a man could ask for. (Leaving or staying in the Church was not a prerequisite, but it was part of a shared experience by which we understood each other.) If she is the only friend I have at the end of my days, I'll be a rich man.

May you find a person who can understand the pain you feel, and help you find a relationship to replace those who you have left behind.

Good days ahead.

God bless you! It's

God bless you! It's interesting to feel proud of a total stranger. I hope you feel proud of yourself. These people dissing you should show you just further proof that you've made a good decision.
A similar thing happened to my husband when he started to 'awaken' while in the military. He's been out almost a year, and now that he's officially out, a few guys have contacted him wanting to hang out, guys that ignored him when he was going through the process of transitioning out because of his beliefs. Don't be surprised if these men come back around eventually, and try to contact you like everything is all well and good.

What you do.

Is between you and God. Pray for your enemies and know that you are in the right. That our Evil Corporate "bottom line at all costs" mentality is responsible for the mess we are in. Find a new outlet for your courage and righteousness. Find goodness and truth in all that you set your mind to. Good luck and God bless.

But about myself I will not boast, except as it concerns my weaknesses (2 Cor 12:5). Let the unbelievers seek praise from each other; I wish that which is from God alone.

Inspiring, for sure.

I closed a contracting business because I realized the only way to win was to play as dirty as my competitors. I could see no fair way to win. I still have my license, but I'm perusing other things I like now even though the money is not near as good. I've been working on a book about construction for the last three years. What has taken so long is that in the process of gathering and assembling what I knew was wrong with my industry, I realized that it wasn't just my industry. It was indeed a huge part of my awakening process. The book started out as a gripe session about the fallacies of my industry. I realized that for my book to be of any use, I needed to identify cause and effect and try to give potential solutions. Before this, I was barely a reader, much less a writer. None the less, I feel compelled to tell my story. I would love to read a book on your story, as I know it would add to my understanding of our current reality.
Reality needs to be discussed, no matter how unpopular, in order for there to be even a chance of shifting this most dangerous paradigm we find ourselves in. Keep your head up man! You made the right choice, no matter what anybody says. You had a meeting with your conscience, a meeting that no one else can have, and decisions made there are at least on the right track.

As for the Nay-Sayers, there's an old saying here in Texas that should apply, "never kick a cow turd on a hot day".

I look forward to your book. A book that might inspire you is one of my favorites: "It's Your Ship" by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. He bucked the system right in their face and became a well respected dude in his ranks. One of the sayings I remember is "it's not your fathers navy anymore".

Good luck brother!

Bronko, you remind me of a

Bronko, you remind me of a guy that was in my unit and the commander was trying to drum out. The C/O wasn't able to get him on a dirty pee test, although I know for a fact he had smoked weed (he told me so). He was not a controllable person as he was one of those that had an immunity to the trauma based conditioning they put us all through.

His best friend and him smoked weed with some other people, and his friend got caught. By the time they go around to testing him though, his system was clean. Then they started testing everyone in the unit they thought might have hung out with him. I never had a pee test in 3 years since my initial when I entered. I then had 2 in 2 weeks because of a witch hunt.

Anyways they moved him to the supply warehouse, away from the unit. The drug tests and bad mouthing of people in power, were enough to isolate him off from others. The thing is though, that the people ruling through fear will never be respected, only feared. Those that are kept away from you, respect you, but they are not going to voice it publicly. You have planted seeds. Do not expect to see immediate results, seeds take time to blossom. There is a reason you throw a few seeds in each plant hole, not everyone is going to germinate, but some will to the right environmental factors. Hope this analogy makes sense.

The guy they were trying to kick out without a dirty pee test, he got his congressman from Florida involved, and the C/O was horribly embarrassed by the incident. When he returned back to our unit, the people that tried to railroad him acted like they were happy to have him back. He told the Senior NCO that he would be coming and going on a work schedule of his choosing for the last 5 months of his enlistment. It was hilarious.

No one has power over you, you have to mentally create that reality for it to exist. Do not argue from a position of defense, argue from a position that the other person is absurd. Make them feel as though they are the ones that need to defend themselves, because they are.

Best of luck to you, I know how challenging it is to keep your cool when you are a person of conscience, dealing with morally deficient pond scum. It takes courage to do the unpopular but moral thing, and cowardice to go along to get along. Here no evil, see no evil, is bullshit yo. They will attack your character and call you weak and say you couldn't cut it, but they are just projecting. Deep down inside, they know who is the brave one, and who is the coward.

The reward for a hard day

The reward for a hard day lived is often a bit of peace of mind. Those with conviction deserve it most. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Plenty of courageous fools around here to back your play :)

"True rebels hate their own rebellion. They know by experience that it is not a cool and glamorous lifestyle; it takes a courageous fool to say things that have not been said and to do things that have not been done."
-- Criss Jami

My 2 cents

You've spent considerable amount of time with these guys whom you consider friends/brothers. If the roles had been reversed, would you have done and treated the other guy the same? There's a saying that goes along the lines of "don't have high expectations and you won't be disappointed". Well, when you're willing to give up your life in battle for that of the man next to you, how much higher can you expect???

I sympathize with you in that I went through a similar situation in that I would have done a lot more and gone above & beyond for those that I thought were my friends/brothers. It didn't quite work out that way and it was a hard pill to swallow for me. They obviously chose career over friendship/brotherhood. You live and learn. Take heart in that you're still very young and that you have your whole life ahead of you.

Personally, I would've tried to stay and try to educate. You chose to get out and that's fine. Your convictions and beliefs were strong enough to force you out, so if I were you, I'd join some of the groups that are out there with similar beliefs and make some new bonds. I'm talking about groups like "Military/Vets for Ron Paul", "Veterans for Peace", "Combat Veterans for Ron Paul", "Oath Keepers", "Gun Owners of America", etc. Or better yet, start your own group of military veterans that share your views and become a strong lobby/union of sorts where together, your voice really matters. Imagine a group of you guys speaking in front of a recruiting office, or school, with the goal not so much being to dissuade someone from joining the military as much as planting a seed and coming to the same realizations you now have. I think some school counselors would like to have a different viewpoint in what military life really entails.

I applaud you for following your conscience and am proud to call you (DP) family as well. Best of luck.

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"pity" here. Nothing but respect.
"Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism."

Your story hits a little close to home because I have a relative that's a high ranking intel officer with the DoD. I've got to hang out with some of his close friends who were former CIA and SS for an evening. (I was invited for beer, pizza and a board game, how could i resist the opportunities for that kind of conversation?)

The point being was I could see their level "brotherhood." They had all gone through school and the Corps together and eventually went various directions with their careers. These are all very very intelligent men, but they have a layer of conditioning and trauma based programming that is difficult to penetrate. (not that I tried) I would imagine similar results if even one of their own came to them.

That conditioning starts early with the GI Joe, football (ritualized warfare), cartoons, movies, and first person shooter games which have been developed by the Pentagon because they know it desensitizes kids to pulling the trigger and shoving a knife in someone's skull. It cheapens life when it's a thermal image on a screen. (I occasionally play Battlefield 4 with my nephews in Italy so I'm not so innocent) You'll notice the game story line in the 90's was some about Arab dictator. Now, it is China Russia, and Iran.

I'm not trying to pick on any one thing, as there are other factors. I'm only trying to illustrate how interwoven into our society propaganda has been since the invention of media. It is a scientifically crafted, multi pronged, war for your mind. The first movie theaters were playing propaganda movies for the Spanish American war.

But, you never know. Just like that one soldier (Seth?)who recently posted here telling the story about about one of his fellow soldiers waking him up to 9/11 was one of the most powerful stories I've read here..
So you never know when seed will be planted and take root. Once it takes root in someone courageous like yourself, you never know what it will materialize into. Your buddies may come around. That is why there has never been a more crucial time to face the truth no matter how ugly or however politically incorrect it may be. Maybe you can still plant some seeds before you get completely out.

The important thing is that you did one of the most courageous things a person could do. Writing and speaking out about it is one of the most healing things you can do. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few "recovering veterans" through the campaign/s, and they seem genuinely happy. MUCH happier than my relative who I think deep down knows what he is mixed up with in particular is wrong.

That is why your Govt. deems you a threat. They know a "disgruntled veteran" (as the MIAC report called them)is MUCH more persuasive in waking the average Joe Sixpack up to the fraud and horror of war because of the "been there done that" factor.

I hope you can hook up with other vets who have awakened as well. It's an empowering experience and I'm not even a vet. Much respect for what you, Seth, Zak, 101st, and others have done. We need to build bridges with as many in the military (who are willing to face reality) as we can.

Sorry for the long post but your story represents (in a way) an unfortunate political and philosophical divide that runs through my family. And it's all based on the lies of 9/11 and the resulting war on our liberties. Thanks again for braving the road less travelled.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

Mark Twain

That was very eloquent. I

That was very eloquent. I suppose I found myself in a different situation in that I didn't connect the dots until after I was out of the military for about 3 years. I always had a deep seated feeling that things did not fit right, but I didn't have all the answers.

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Seth. IDK about "eloquent," it was a little scattered. I was trying to rub what few brain cells I had left into a coherent response. I mainly felt compelled to respond since that jackwagon "granger" decided to barge in here and open up a giant can of stupid.

I meant to respond to your story because it was profound on many levels. Unfortunately I have been facing some serious challenges in my personal life and my ability to participate has become limited. Plus, sometimes my opinions are best kept to myself until I reach a better state of mind, or have more information.

Seth, I really appreciated how you were able to illustrate your thought processes, especially when the roles were reversed and you were having mortars lobbed at you. That was pretty riveting. I was in in a brief gunfight when I was younger, but nothing like that. I only mention it because I can somewhat relate to the intensity.

What was most profound about your story is 9/11. It was/is the springboard from which most of this madness was launched. It is their broadsword and their achilles heel at the same time. I was always careful to never mix 9/11 with my traditional campaigning, but now, the more I learn and see, the more I realize how important it is to not shy away from it.

What was the "smoking gun" that made things click for you regarding the 9/11 info? What was it that you saw or read that did it for you? I'm just curious. Thanks again for sharing you story. I'll try to respond back when I can.

For me it was sitting on a

For me it was sitting on a base that the locals were attacking. We weren't being greeted with flowers, and nobody wanted us there. Our presence was creating the instability.

Seeing how being douchebag in a large corporation, or in the military leads to rising up, led me to extrapolate out how bad those at the tippy top of the pyramid must be. The same guy that first introduced me to the possibility of an inside job, also told me about Bohemian Grove at the same time. A group of world rulers in the woods doing stuff that looked like it was from the movie Eyes Wide Shut, and no media reporting on it, opened my eyes greatly.

With 9/11, it was mostly thinking about how the military industrial complex, the people that have no problem with killing, had so much to gain from the occupation. There were just low level contractors over there that were hoping we would not leave because of the money they were making. WTC 7 collapsing like it did, and myself and most people not even knowing about a third building was also an eye opener.

It is sad when..

your friends and partners for so long don't understand or are discouraged from understanding your changed perspective. Later perhaps they will see what you now see. I pray they will seek you out and begin again the building of a more meaningful friendship.
But the grief shows that you care. Perceiving things differently from authoritarians is always labeled dangerous.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

I think I know how you feel

I think I know how you feel bronko. Whenever one leaves a close knit group (family or anything family like) it becomes very clear whether they ever really cared, or just let you be a brick in the wall. I had to go through that when I got married (my bio family dumped me fast), and when I left my family's church. Church people you thought were so sweet can turn on you on a dime! People will pretend to not see you standing two feet in front of them saying hello. Thanks for sharing. Love ya man; we're all in this together.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

don't let it get you down

Check your Bible for those verses about being dumped by your friends for righteousness sake.

This proves how powerful ideas are that forces are trying to separate you from the rest.

If all of our servicemen were as knowledgeable and principled, we'd all be better off.

I've heard that to get commissioned, you have to list the most embarrassing and/or compromising things you've done so that they have blackmail material on you forever. Is that true? If so, it would explain a lot.

Thanks republicanmother, I've

Thanks republicanmother,

I've never heard about the blackmail thing. With the NSA, who needs us to share what we've done. They already know.

(Hi NSA)

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Believe me, your new friends

Believe me, your new friends will be better than your old ones. Cudos to you for staying consistent to your principles.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Be grateful

You are not in a regime that would shoot you for leaving.

I don't blame any of your buddies, expecially if they are career minded. Maybe you will, or have, learned that many times when people are confronted by an issue, such as yours, they will seem approving of you (your decision), but really, all they have done is confirmed your choice, as your choice. "Ok. I accept your choice", which is not the same as, "Yeah, man totally I'm with you all the way!!"

You made your bed, now enjoy sleeping in it, alone.

Ooh Rah!
(I still think you should have stuck it out and made the best of it, but your wild hair got the best of you.. so there you are.)

I never know how to respond to you, or if I should.

I am sticking it out. I am finishing my current contract. The only thing I'm leaving is my commissioning program.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

For what?

Leaving your commission program for what?

I'm talking to you as if you were my friend. I'm a military brat and the only one in my family that didn't serve in the military.

If you were in my family, my Dad would have been so very proud of you for qualifying and getting into the commission program. Many are called, few are chosen. I guess if you're daddy is rich and you' re going to come into some grand inheiratence, or some corporations was offering you a great job.. I could understand. But to me, I've know Marines who would have LOVED the opportunity that you've decided to piss away.. and for what?

Friends on DP?

My Dad joined the military with his father's approval when he was 16 to get off the "reservation". Back in those days he could have gone into fishing or logging, but he wanted to see the world.. marry someone that wasn't in the family (that's right. That's what indians did in some small tribes.. so I'm a half inbred, but lots of native Americans join the military to get off the reservation and get a chance in the world.

When my Dad got his commission, he never forgot where he came from. He wasn't an Annopolis graduate, and it irked him the way these "elite" officers treated the men. My Dad is what they called a "Mustang"... and he looked out for his men.

I admired that about him, he was respected and even loved by the men because he knew what it was to be enlisted, and to put up with BS from puffed egos, and he knew not everyone played with a straight deck.. so he made a difference.

When he was a CO (base commander) men would come to the house and knock on the door and my Dad would invite them in at all hours and have a talk with them. He promoted men.. enabled them to be there best.

And I would have hoped that you would have done something with your commission besides piss it away. Many here on DP have NO clue what you achieved by getting that ability. Many here have grudges with the military and don't have a clue what is the military, and some have some experience, good and bad.. and the bad, will stick to you like glue.. yeah yeah yeah.. reminds me of a brother of mine..

Anyways.. I for one am sorry you left that OPPORTUNITY, and I don't see what you've got that makes leaving that OPPORTUNITY so great. I see a lot of LOSS for you and everyone who LOVES you. People who don't know you and don't care about you and want you to be in their lame boat may cheer you.. but I think you should suck it up and reconsider. Get with the program and be a leader.

NOTHING in this material world is perfect. Everything has a cost. Why are you letting go of a wonderful opportunity when you have nothing better ahead of you? I don't get it.

You should take the "gr" off of your name.

For some, success and morality is defined as more than just making a lot of money and earning daddy's love.

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?" Mark 8:36 (NASB)

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

So you;re saying

getting on your knees to God is success and morality?

Well, that's not what I was

Well, that's not what I was saying, but I suppose it could be considered success and or morality by certain narrow standards.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

You got me

My mouse hovered over the reply button as I told myself not to click, just as I'm sure it will do the same thing when I go to hit the 'submit' button.

I'm not even sure where to start with this.

You're right. This was an awesome OPPORTUNITY. Many Marines would love to have the same OPPORTUNITY. (I'm only capitalizing those words because you did, although I'm not exactly sure why). No, I don't have an inheritance coming my way, my parents are not rich, and I have no job lined up. I do have plans for the future, but none of them include selling out my principles for monetary gain.

Sounds like your dad was a great guy. Good for him.

It makes me laugh that you think I did this for DP friends. I don't know anybody here. Believe it or not, I don't sit in my mom's basement waiting for approval from people on the internet. I'm also not looking for your approval.

(And yet here I am still typing...why?...)

What exactly is it that I would do with my commissioning? Let people into my house? I don't need a commission for that. Travel the world? Don't need a commission for that. Get off the reservation (interestingly I DO live on a reservation)? Still don't need a commission for that? What exactly am I giving up again?

Money? Security? Is that it?

My principles and convictions mean more to me than money.

(And I'm still typing...again..why?)

I would take offense to your comment about me having nothing better ahead of me, except I considered the source. It takes a very small mind to think that a commission in the military is the best thing that could happen to someone.

Your statement "get with the program and be a leader" is humorous to me as well. Be a leader by doing what society tells you to be doing? Is that what being a leader is all about?

I'm part of the r3volution, and revolutionaries don't fall in line and do what they're told.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson


OPPORTUNITY such as a commission, is something you earned. An OPPORTUNITY like that does not come often, if ever again.

Sure, you will find other OPPORTUNITY, but not one that offered you benefits, retirement, pension, and many benefits civilians, and many elisted, will never have that OPPORTUNITY.

In this world we live is, WE ALL HAVE TO SERVE SOMEBODY, "WEll it could be the devil, or it could be your friend, but we all gotta serve somebody" Dylan. The OPPORTUNITY you pissed away provided you the opportunity to be like my Dad, and to be there for others.

When I volunteer for the soup kitchen, I serve homeless folks, I wash their pots and dishes, and sweep the floor they walk on. I put paper and soap in the Johns, and I serve people.

When I volunteer at the museum, I serve not just visitors, but a staff who is getting paid.

When I volunteer to repair the road, clean the neighbors yards, pick up trash on the highway.. I'm serving somebody, and sometimes I get a THANKS, and most times I get NOTHING, but knowing that I served somebody.

I fall in line, and I like having lines, because lines give me challenges and I like challenges.

There's nothing wrong doing what you are told. Sometimes I'm told what to do, and sometimes I tell others what to do.. and I pay to have them do it.

One thing about a great leader is they know how to be a great follower. Nothing wrong with either.

It's really a shame so many who came in to this rEVOLution 2 years or so ago have this idea that we don't need leaders, and the world owes them. The world can be heaven or hell. You dumped an OPPORTUNITY and BLAME it on the rEVOLution.

I had a brother who was a quadeplegic, Army vet, shot in the neck.. C3. I spent a lot of time in VA's meeting his buddies, some had burns and needed skin grafts for years, many were like him, or had amputations. The GREAT thing about these men and women are the attitudes. Talk about brave, strong, good people. My brother wound up running a concession stand for a river rafting group. He used to tell people how to raft from his chair (ir they could end up like him).. he did all kinds of neat things.. sand surfing, led parades with his POW and USA flag.. I bought him a bunch of Harley Davidson stcok because he really wanted a hog but his accident.. well, that hog wasn't going to happen. He was able to pick up the prettiest women.. always had some awesome babe so in love with him.. life is funny like that.

I think of guys like him, and I'm sure he would just shrug off a guy like you. I can hear him say, "So what. His choice". But I would also know, that he wished he could have gotten a commission instead of a wheel chair.

so good luck, be happy.


(Just walk away, Brian. Just walk away)

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

And be happy!

Peace be with you.

Good grief, is there any

Good grief, is there any parade you won't rain on?

He's not pissing away anything he's made a choice to be consistent to his principles.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein