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A Special Edition of the Lions of Liberty Podcast on the Kelly Thomas Verdict

The Lions of Liberty Podcast is out early this week due to the breaking news of the Kelly Thomas verdict. In this episode, I am joined by Brian Engelman, founder of The New American Media and host of the weekly “Agree to Disagree”. We discuss the tragic case of Kelly Thomas, the mentally disabled homeless man beaten to death by police in Fullerton, CA, and examine the details of this horrific injustice, and attempt to make sense of how a jury could find the perpetrators of this crime “not guilty.” Before that, we talk about why it’s important to take risks and not be afraid of failure in life, and how this philosophy led us both to our respective projects.

For more information of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, head over to Lions of Liberty.

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That the cop had the audacity to ask for his job back.


his only marketable skill is beating up defenseless mentally ill homeless people

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There can never be too much discussion/outrage over this.