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The Russian-Saudi Showdown at Sochi

Exclusive: Last summer, Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar reportedly offered Russian President Putin a deal: if Russia abandons Syria, Saudi Arabia would protect the Sochi Olympics from Islamic terrorists. Putin is said to have angrily rebuffed the offer. Now, with two terrorist attacks, it’s Putin’s move, writes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

Monday’s terrorist bombings only 400 miles away from the site of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, have a geopolitical back story involving implied threats from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan to Russian President Vladimir Putin last summer when Bandar was pressing Putin to withdraw his backing for the Syrian government.

According to a diplomatic leak detailing the Bandar-Putin meeting in Moscow on July 31, Bandar suggested that Putin’s agreement to abandon the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad would lead Saudi Arabia to restrain its Chechen terrorist clients who have been attacking Russia targets for years. Putin reportedly grew furious, interpreting Bandar’s offer as a warning that the Sochi games would be threatened by terrorism if Putin didn’t comply.

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I believe if I were Putin, my message back to Bandar would be about a dead mans trigger to be released at the slightest hint of an attack that would send half of Russia's missile arsenal, simultaneously in Bandars direction. Then they could see all of their oil through the sea of glass that remains.

Putin is a creepy dude

I wouldn't wanna be on his shid list. Bandar Bush better upgrade his security.

this is intriguing...

... especially in light of the recent attacks and obviously the Saudi's wouldnt have made the implied threat unless they felt they would be backed (by the CIA perhaps?) I am curious to see how this escalates

Isn't Saudi Arabia the bad guys?


Perhaps Russia should invade

Iraq and Afghanistan. :-)

But seriously

This sounds like a blatant threat against Russia and every country that participates in the Olympics. He has admitted that Saudi Arabia is behind the terrorist attacks. This seems to be a textbook case of terrorism.

Luckily for Saudi Arabia the U.S. doesn't really care about stopping terrorists and the Russian regime isn't as maniacal as the U.S.