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California Drought Emergency


Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency Friday for California after weeks of intensifying pressure from lawmakers to take action as the state's water reservoir levels remain strained with no rain in the forecast.

The declaration comes during one of the driest winters on record in California, following two dry years that already have left many reservoirs depleted. The state is facing "perhaps the worst drought that California has ever seen" since records began, Brown said during the Friday morning announcement.

"I've called for a collaborative effort to restrain our water use," Brown said. "This is a call to arms. This is not a partisan adversary, this is Mother Nature."


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I don't understand the

I don't understand the obsession in this country with having a green lawn. Just put a down a layer of crushed granite like they do in Phoenix and you don't have to water the lawn or mow the grass.
Of course if the government did not interfere with the price of water then the problem would take care of itself when the price went up about tenfold.

**face palm**

This is a load of crap.
California borders an endless supply of water.
And in sunny California ocean water will boil in a black pipe with a mirror in the winter sun, collect the steam in a tank and you have drinking water.
Cheap steam with a byproduct of electricity if you run the steam threw
a turbine on its way to the tank.
people are idiots!
**bangs head repeatedly with brick**

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Are you serious or just trolling for fun?

I really would like to know. If trolling, fine. I get it... ha ha ha.

If serious, you're ignorant of what you speak. "A pipe" would be so inefficient (0.2% BEFORE thermal losses) at boiling (desalinating) water (0.73 kWh/gal) that you'd have to cover 36.5 square feet to desalinate the average amount of water used per square foot of the lower 2/3rds of the state. Even if you could get your pipe to 7.5% efficient at converting sunlight to steam, you would still have to cover every square foot of the state to keep up with water demand.

Do you have that much pipe and mirror laying around?

And steam powered generation? At the best efficiencies above, your generator system would max out at 2% overall and pay you back around 7% of your expected ROI. Are you going to invest in a $1M generator plant that profits you $15k/yr?

Now if you had said to concentrate thousands of mirrors on that pipe, you can easily get into the range of viability. Just float the system on the ocean and send the steam to shore.

No I am not trolling O.o

No I am not trolling, but you are assuming.

I did not say a flat or small mirror.

Who said supply ALL of the water?

Your math just went out the window.

Good job at making a simple basic problem to solve look far more complicated than it is.

PS. I surf. Don't even think of screwing up my ocean with some mega raft, if that was what you were thinking.

PPS. California has plenty of water. The jack wagons in northern California just legislated it down a river to the sea in northern California to save some stupid brackish water piss ant fish instead of allowing it to go to southern California where it has for years to the farmers that need it to grow the food we eat, turning much of California farm land into a dust bowl.
One more reason to hate environmentalists on agenda 21 crack AKA liberals :/

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Drudge is showing a large photo of

the Shasta Reservoir (in the Cascade Range of Northern California), something I have driven by about twice a year for decades. In recent years it has been somewhat low, but last December it was shocking.

What about CA's desalination

What about CA's desalination plant, did they ever get that online? I think it was 4-5 years ago that I read that one was being built in CA and another in FL. 2 in the US while in China they were building several dozen around the country.


bigmikedude's picture

That's from all the people

drawing buckets of water trying to melt Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein.


Feinstein isn't melting

I need a wooden stake!



"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Michael Nystrom's picture

Ha ha ha

That is funny mike.

He's the man.