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Paul Coming to Dallas, Endorses Huffines

Rand Paul will be the guest speaker/endorser at "Rally for Victory", an event promoting Don Huffines for Texas State Senate.

Huffines and Dr. Paul, Sr. are buddies, and Huffines was a huge supporter/donator to the Paul campaigns for President. I'd imagine Huffines will be a mega-donor to Rand's campaign if/when he announces a run for President.

Huffines supports term-limits, among the other standard fare of GOP politics.

What separates Don is that he makes time to talk to the lay-person in Dallas, and is very down to earth. He gets some criticism because he's not as "eloquent" as the incumbent, nor is he a "canned" responder.

At least come out and see Rand if you're in the DFW area! And check out Huffines, too.


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FYI, this is tonight in Dallas

I just got a reminder email about this event today, as I am planning on attending, it also said that the guest speaker is Glen Beck!! Oh brother, this should be interesting.

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Now I'm envious/jealous and wish we had him in California :

Now I'm envious/jealous and wish we had him in California :


Darn it. :/

O Lucky you, Texas!

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Planning to be there

I'm planning to attend February 7th and was floored when Rand came out with his endorsement of Huffines.

I got to know Huffines and his family at the 2012 conventions and I saw first hand how committed to faith, liberty, family, and education (homeschooled their 5 kids) they are.

I even did my first block walking for any candidate this past weekend and it was awesome to see people who knew Don Huffines because they all had nothing but great things to say about him and lots and lots of republicans in this district are tired of a RINO and can see that Huffines is the real deal.

Anyone else going

If anyone else is going PM me. I'd love to meet some DPers there (it will help convince my wife that all these awesome people are real :)

i just bought my ticket

i just bought my ticket tonight

might go

really depends on if I can get out of work. I'll let you know.