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Cop Accused of Killing Kelly Thomas Wants His Job Back


By City News Service | Manhattan Beach Patch

The former Fullerton corporal acquitted in the in-custody death of transient Kelly Thomas is seeking to get his job back, now that the criminal charges are behind him, one of his attorneys said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Thomas' father held a news conference in Los Angeles with his attorney to announce deposition notices were issued Tuesday to the officers named in the civil suit he filed against the city on the one-year anniversary of the July 5, 2011, confrontation at the city bus depot that led to his 37-year-old son's death five days later.

Former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli's attempt to win his job back was put on hold during the trial, which ended Monday with him being cleared of involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force. He can now begin the process of regaining the post he lost in July 2012 through an administrative hearing, said his attorney Zachery Lopes.


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this sociopath wants back on the street. I wonder if the jurors are happy? I hope this man doesn't visit his brand of justice on any of their family members because if he does, they have only themselves to blame.

REALLY???? I would not be surpirsed if they find this guy .....

strung up by some locals. Beaten , black and blue...

(one can only hope)

Anything open at livestock processing plant?


Free includes debt-free!


for visibility and outrage.

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