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Contempt of cop, America's defiance revolution

"Increasingly, and openly, ordinary Americans are committing a legal act that some police nonetheless regard as among the most heinous of all offences: it's called contempt of cop.

It's otherwise known as asserting your constitutional rights.

Citizens, feeling empowered, are pointing smartphones, rather than just an accusing finger, at abusive authorities.

Civil libertarians with hidden cameras are challenging the so-called "suspicion-less" roadblocks that police set up to catch lawbreakers. Motorists and others are fighting back in the courts and online against police shakedown rackets on U.S. highways and elsewhere."


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"I'm sorry officer, but I've

"I'm sorry officer, but I've been advised that I do not have to answer any of your questions. Am I being detained?"

"Advised by whom?"

"I'm sorry, that's another question. Am I being detained?"

"I need you to pull over for secondary inspection."

"Why officer? Am I being detained?"

"Move along, move along..."

Beware the cult of "government"...

It's more like this

"Am I being detained?"

SMASH!!!! *cop smashes window*

Get out NOW!!!!

*i pull my gun out in self defense*

"Step away from my vehicle copper, or else I will be forced to defend myself!"

Ok, at least this is how it will happen one day. lol

Here is the problem with your scenario

Let us assume you are completely in the right since we know if you were in the wrong you'd not have reason to pull your gun and point it.

So, the cop violates your rights and tries to extract you from your vehicle. Your state has at least one law that OKs the use of deadly force against a cop in this exact situation (don't nit pick, I'm mearly making this as "legal" as possible to remove all forms of excuses the state could use). So, legally you are 100% in the clear for shooting this cop because you are following the law to the letter. How will this end for you? Really good chance you will die. If you don't die then there is a good chance you will either go to prison or be financially ruined defending yourself. You've seen how the public lets bad cops get away with murder. If the cop him/herself doesn't kill you then his buddies will. You shot a cop and they won't bother with your side of the story because you are a cop killer. If you don't get shot then your fellow man will put you in prison for capital murder because you shot a cop. Remember, again, these are the same people who let cops off even with video evidence that the cop acted WAY outside the law. Don't you just love justice he asked with massive sarcasm quotes?

The First One is Expensive, The REST Are FREE!!!



Ya, the whole thing is fantasy for now. The reality, the other cops will be out for blood, and I would never make it to the court house.