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How To Rig An Election In The United States

How To Rig An Election
In The United States


Did the US Mainstream Media do an end run around the REAL scandal?

"When asked to comment on allegations by Bev Harris that the Diebold software may have been designed to facilitate fraud, Rubin described the claim as "ludicrous." Rubin could dismiss the allegation of deliberately fraudulent design in Diebold software, because his team never examined the Diebold software in question.

Incredibly, this software keeps not one, but two Microsoft Access data tables of voting results. It's like a business keeping two sets of account books. The two tables are notionally identical copies of the votes collated from all polling stations. The software uses the first table for on-demand reports which might uncover alteration of the data -- such as spot checks of results from individual polling stations.

The second of the two tables is the one used to determine the election result. But the second table can be hacked and altered to produce fake election totals without affecting spot check reports derived from the first table."

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Why yes. My rigging is taunt as your Yankee Clipper. [Curtsy]

Elinor Fair, "Yankee Clipper" 1927 film.
Yankee Clipper, 1927 film poster.

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