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What would the Daily Paul say to me If I said I wanted to serve my country?

Im thinking of joining the Air Force or Navy.

Any skeptics, words of advice, encouragement?

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How about be mayor of your city/town?

City council? (Hint: They pay a salary and you can be a Libertarian). As a Vietnam vet and former Marine/and Army officer, I would not recommend the military at this point. They are not protecting the U.S. from foreign enemies but, are killing people around the globe who haven't done anything to us...

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Whenever this question comes

Whenever this question comes up on the DP, I always link to my own personal story. I understand your good intentions for joining. I had the same good intentions: Serve my country, be part of something bigger than myself, defend America's freedoms, blah blah blah - all the stuff your recruiter gives you.

I sincerely do appreciate good intentions, but they can only go so far. I appreciate many liberals' sincere compassion for the poor and needy, but I do not condone their actions for "helping" the poor.

Same for the military. I'm in the military. I get the draw and honestly, the Marine Corps has been great to me. I wish it were a club. Close relationships, discipline, great training. Unfortunately the military takes orders from people who do not serve the American public's interest and despite the good intentions, despite the brotherhood, despite the great training, and despite the spiffy uniforms, you are a pawn in a game you have no control over.

If we had a government that followed the constitution and only participated in just war, I'd be happy to keep the uniform on and truly "defend America's freedoms." But what was the last war that was really about freedoms?


Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

If you are going to join - do it right

Go Marine Infantry.

You get to blow shit up and shoot guns you would never get a chance to shoot otherwise.

You also learn a trade that will help you the rest of your life. Won't get you many jobs - but still - its a good skill to have.

Seriously - I would say not to join, but if you feel you want to. Get a real trade that will help you when you get out. If you are not very qualified for one of the tech positions or more advanced MOS's(read - you sucked on your asvab) - then don't take some crap job for four years of a paycheck. Either get a trade or go infantry and learn a life skill.

And whatever you do - know recruiters jobs are to lie -plain and simple. If it isn't in writing - it ain't gonna happen.

I'm an Army Reservist

You want to serve your country?

Volunteer at a local food bank/shelter. Donate time and resources to a local charity. Look at yourself and make a change that you would like to make. Make your community a better place. Help out a neighbor.

Don't sell your soul to a Government's Military.

My 2 cents.

Good luck in your decision.

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The best way to serve your country

Is to hold your government accountable.

I am in a stronger position to advocate for liberty

because of my time in the military. I have acquired skills, including strategic, operational, and tactical planning as well as leadership and knowledge of how the system works that can't be obtained anywhere else.

I have traveled all over the world, and have seen different societies and how they operate.

The military machine would have continued whether I was a member or not, and I am always here as a check to disobey any unlawful orders that come down the pipe.

Do you really want a military full of unquestioning statists (you really should ask yourselves that)?

I have acquired weapons and basic survival training. I have developed networks of people who would trust my leadership if something bad were to really happen.

Given all of that, I understand our military isn't being used for a benevolent purpose right now. I am not a pacifist, but I believe the military should only be used in self-defense. That is a political outcome, but in the interim we should not wish to purge the military of all critically thinking liberty-minded folks.

Just my opinion. I know people disagree, but regardless I am your brother in arms in the battle to make our country as free as possible.

Tu ne cede malis.

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With all Due Respect...

My first thought was, "At who's expense did you acquire these skills?" and my next thought was, there are alternatives!

I have acquired and am skilled with weapons and in self defense. I have acquired and practice skills for wilderness survival and hunting. I have put together my own bug out bag, and so has every member of my family. I can grow food and am skilled at animal husbandry, I have learned to make my own bows and arrows, among other things. My vehicles are all bug out vehicles - older and in good working condition, mechanical and I have taught myself how to work on them. I too have traveled and seen how other societies operate. I am the matriarch of this family and founded a successful business both which require leadership skills.

I have never been in the military, I pursued these endeavors upon my own over the years, of my own free will, and spent very little money doing it. Not one dime of taxpayers' money was used in my training, nor did I lose my rights during this time or was I forced to infringe upon the rights of others in the process. It was voluntary on my part. I am only pointing this out to show that there are alternatives to the indentured servitude of military service to acquire these skills.

Peace, Belle

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And you have lost your mind

I did 15 years in the army. I hear all that you said and it it is true.

Did you hire on to be a killer? Well thats why they hired you. All that other BS is stuff that you did not need.

I would never trust your leadership because you think wrong.


I was enthusiastic about your title line saying you wanted to

"serve my country". Then I read further and saw you wanted to join the Air Force or Navy.

While "serving your country" and joining the military are not 100% opposite choices, they come pretty close. Which one did you really have in mind?

You can "serve your country" by working to get us further toward our Liberty goals by becoming a Liberty politician, campaign worker, aid, or something similar.

Or you can join the military and have adventure killing foreigners for the interests of big banks.

But you probably should narrow your choices a little.

Your a freaking debt slave

Serve your country hahahahahah a joke.

So is that what you want your life to read at judgement day?

Killing is wrong. Your not defending your attacking.

You cant find a better way to spend you life time?


A Gander Mountain clerk in the weapons department

told me he recently came back from "serving his country".
I asked him what southern border state did he volunteer to patrol? And he said "I was in Afghanistan". "Well you've been fooled, you were serving Haliburton and a bunch of criminals in Washington, but you weren't serving MY country", I said almost belligerently. "If you wanted to serve the USA you should have gone to Arizona or thereabouts and do some serious border patrol."

As an answer to your question:
My son once told me he was thinking about joining the Navy. I told him I'd break his legs and they won't take him then. I said I was kidding but wanted to make a point, told him I joined the Reserves when I was a kid to avoid the draft and would have gone to Canada rather than fight in Vietnam, another war that was a lie.

Think Twice Before You Voluntarily Roll Up Your Sleeve

Just like the sun will rise tomorrow, if you join the military you will be required to take the anthrax, "vaccine."

It's not just one shot, the anthrax vaccine is a series of 6 shots you will be forced to take over a period of time, usually within 6 months.






Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Not to mention all the other crap they put in you

I still have no idea what was in all those shots, but there were certainly more shots that your normal vaccination schedule.

Do It

I joined Army after realizing my dead end job was not cutting it. I was anti war but on the Progressive Ralph Nader bandwagon at the time. I did not like the idea, but also realized it was a way to make better money and better myself.

Man was I right.

I deployed to Iraq and was a prison guard at a small prison for Iraqis arrested in the northwestern area of Baghdad. This was after Abu Ghraib, so the way we treated them was much different. Dignity and Respect was the slogan. We did, am I am proud of what we did there. Not knowing what each person was charged with, they were all given quality treatment. Some poking fun and play happened a lot with them, ZERO abuse.

I found the Ron Paul message while on that deployment. That gave it a whole new meaning and made me proud to serve. I essentially became an ambassador to America for these guys.

The months where I was introduced to Ron Paul were the best times of my life. I watched the GOP debates and could not believe what I heard. That lead to the DailyPaul and me discovering the internet, yada yada, like most stories.

I was also able to save every penny I made while there. My wife made it possible by working and paying the bills with her own checks. I left with an amount of money that has changed my life. For someone who grew up with parents who lived paycheck to paycheck, a nest egg of a years salary was substantial.

Another deployment was driving through Baghdad to bases delivery supplies, not as full filling.

It sucked. I hated it. But you know what, I would never change it. I sacrificed a lot. My family benefited because of it. Two of my brother may not have made it through college if would not have cut them a check of bills or rent while they were going.

I could go on and on, this thread has made me think of a lot. Whether you read this and it helps you in any way, who knows.

Congrats! So you're pleased with yourself.

You made some money and helped some brothers, which is great. But you were lucky. You could not have been guaranteed of the outcome. I don't see your statement as a reason to join the military. In fact I think you should be ashamed you had to stoop to joining forces with our criminal government to make a living, which is what third world country young men do during bad economies; joining the military was getting a job.
Now in America the Dictator in the WH is building up forces right here at home called the DHS. So you can stay close to your loved ones while you are killing us stupid Constitutionalists who like to talk and not fight. Maybe if join forces with Ugh-bama you can guard some cells some of DPers may end up in and get a chance to be nice to them.
Rots a ruck.
Aint life grand?

I voted your comment upward,

I voted your comment upward, but learn to expect the negative nannies who'll begin to hate you for exposing their nonsense even if they agree with your opinion. ;)

I thank you for setting a good example while in the US military.

I would say do what you

want before they decide to draft you.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Air Force

Better food than the Army, when I was active duty.

My recruiter's pitch, "Do you like fast cars? Do you like fast women? Then you don't want to join the Navy."

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

While the US military is a

While the US military is a force of aggression around the globe, the way to best "serve your country" might be to not join and help convince other to avoid military service for now. If we can reinstill the ideas of non-entanglement and defense only, then it could one day be an honorable service to the country. The military, perhaps above all others, is an organization you cannot change from within.

Check out this post


Join the armed forces, come back and be led around by a "service dog"

Just because

I'm a Paul Supporter doesn't mean I am anti Military. Just don't forget about us losing our liberties here in America. Just please be aware that you are on our side, not the Governments side. So when shit hits the fan, ride with us!

Most of my family and friends are serving in the military. I would have joined if I didn't have a bad back. They denied me.

I am actually glad they denied me because I would hate risking my life for nothing.

I have some friends in the

I have some friends in the Air Force and they all are trying to get out as soon as they can. Its a rough life, you will get deployed for months at a time and wont be there for your family. When you get home your kids will barely know you at first and leaving will be the toughest goodbye to your loved ones. In the military you are pretty much owned by the government, they can make you move or deploy you, give you shots or whatever and you have no rights. You alone will know the truth about what our government is up to and who these wars really benefit but the propaganda will be beaten into you and pressure by your peers will all but force you to conform.

A time will come when you will be forced to reconcile your the values you hold dear that brought you to the Daily Paul against what you are being indoctrinated with by the Military but by then it will be too late. You will have become part of the very machine that you resent. Once you sign that commitment there is no going back and the reality is that its tough to get a job even when you decide to leave.

If you are here on the Daily Paul you most likely value Liberty and that will pretty much be wiped away when you sign that line...

If you really want to serve your country then arm yourself as a free citizen, become as self reliant as possible and do whatever you can to educate others about the Liberty movement and what is really happening in this country.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I would say serve Liberty first

and your fellow man, if the military cannot guarantee you that then don't join, at this point it cannot guarantee you that. Signed, Former Marine.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

If I was to do it again, I'd go Air Force in a heart beat.

I won't lie, I joined the Marine Corps because their office was across the street from my gym. Well, kind of. I liked the uniforms to be honest with you, and the thought of tough training. It definitely turned out to be what I was told, and thought from the beginning.

I spent most of my time at the Army School of Artillery, which is on Ft. Sill in Lawton Oklahoma. So I saw, trained, and befriended a huge amount of Army dogs (said lovingly). I didn't care for their undisciplined ways, and the 'team spirit' wasn't there. In the Marine Corps you knew everyone had your back, no matter the circumstance. Is this necessarily a good thing? Probably not. Probably just means we were simply brainwashed a bit deeper. Army food is much better than the food in the Marine Corps though.

We did get the chance to eat at many Naval chow halls, and the food was great! Only I didn't care anything about being on ships unless they were taking me directly to a fight or vacation. So the Navy was never in the running.

So, I like great food, and no living extended time on ships. Well that brings me to the Air Force, which obliterates the rest in the chow hall area. Some advance you faster than others, but don't let that be part of your decision making. Go with what will train you for a civilian job in the future, and pertinent training. I went into artillery because I hoped to end up on Ft. Sill, and I did. I could have done anything I wanted, but I wasn't looking to make a life out of it, so I did what I thought I would enjoy. It was great, but not much use for old 'gun bunnies' in the real world. Air Force is the way I would go.

I never went in the military

I never went in the military for mostly the wrong reasons. I am still thankful for them.

Look up, "anthrax vaccine,"

Look up, "anthrax vaccine," first.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

You can always join if we

You can always join if we have a real Constitutional war. Since none of those are going on at the moment, why do you think you would be serving your country?

Ventura 2012

I would say a life of service is the highest virtue.

-Volunteer at an old-folks home
-Help plant a community garden
-Mentor a child - become a big brother or big sister
-Drive a bookmobile
-Support local businesses

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Sometimes Chris, Your sarcasm gets old...



I agree. That's why I never post a comment without first...


Is this worthy of youtube?

If so, I reload the home page.

P.S. would you please tell me why you mentioned my sarcasm under this particular comment?

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