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Peyton Manning

I'm a fan of Peyton Manning. I think what sets him apart is not his amazing accuracy or his impossibly quick release - although both are top notch. What I feel sets 18 apart is his ability to very effectively and efficiently communicate adjustments to his teammates.

How many times have football fans witnessed a QB holding his head in frustration after being on a different page than a targeted receiver, for instance?


Consistently, Manning has demonstrated a high aptitude for avoiding such difficulties. By the time the ball is snapped, the entire offense has been optimized through use of his keen observations and cryptic dialect that teachers of geography should include in their curricula. Of recent temporary fame:

"Omaha! Omaha!"

Put a pin in a map for every city 18 mutters and see how quickly you can become an American atlas. Perhaps one day, he'll expand his jargon to include international landmarks.

"Stonehenge! Stonehenge!"

Maybe he already has, and I've missed it. His calls are interesting - to say the least. Imagine you were a defense listening to this jabber orchestra:

Something tells me that we will continue to see Peyton after he retires as a player. Personally, I'd like to see him coach a college team. Maybe he could show Saban a thing or two. Imagine how easy it would be for him to recruit quarterbacks - establish a lasting pedigree.

Like "The Field" from The Legend of Bagger Vance:

Manning sees it - and more remarkably - he can get others to see it with seeming ease. Effective communication is a very valuable asset.

Manning has it. That's what sets him apart.

Shiny trophy much?


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Peyton Manning is a little overrated ...

... because he doesn't really do some of the things people claim he does.

Of course, he's a great talent and one of the best QB's in the league. He will no doubt be in the Hall of Fame. He has excellent pocket presence (but he can't run for sh*t, so he would have been gone long ago if he didn't). He has a strong arm and good accuracy.

But take a look at that game against the Patriots on Sunday. Tom Brady had a very bad game, missing targets much of the game. Then, the Pat's best cornerback, Talib, went out of the game with an injury, which was cased by an illegal pick by Denver's Welker.

That happened early in the 2nd quarter, with the score 3-0 Denver. It was only after the loss of Talib that Manning started scoring points. And if Brady had been his usual self, there might have been a different outcome, even with the loss of Talib.

Manning played 3/4 of the game against a secondary that could not make up for the loss of their best player. The Seahawks will not have that problem.

As far as "Omaha," back in the day it meant "Opposite." If a play was going to be run to the right, but the defense was strong there, the QB would call "Omaha," so that the same play would be run to the left.

Manning uses Omaha for a quick count (like Brady uses "Alpha"). Sometimes, Manning's Omaha is a fake, trying to pull the defense offside. I don't know whether he uses a signal in the huddle or at the LOS to let the offense know it will be a fake, but that's what it means. Watch, and every time after "Omaha," either the center snaps the ball immediately, or else everyone relaxes and Manning calls out something else (in which case, the Omaha was a fake but didn't work to draw the defense offside).

But the main reason I think Manning is slightly overrated is because he does not really call his own plays from a huge playbook, the way people think (and people think that because broadcasters want to tell a good story). When he was with Indy, they only had about 5-6 pass plays they ran 90% of the time (from various formations), with the OC giving Manning a suggestion of what he would run, but Manning being free to call another of the very limited plays.

With Denver, the OC calls 2 plays to Manning, and he can pick one of those plays. He does a decent job of calling audibles, but so does Brady, Rogers, Brees, Rivers, and all the top QB's.

He's a Hall of Fame QB, but not the greatest ever. I would pick either Brady or Favre as the best all-time (in the current era, since today's NFL is not your father's NFL).

Fun trivia question:

Q: Who caught Brett Favre's first NFL pass completion?

A: Brett Favre


LMAO Another

butthurt Patriots fan...rooting for Seattle also I'll bet.
Hahahahahaaaaaa cya Brady.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

This is not giving all the credit Payton deserves

Its not just his playbook which may well be the two he has to choose from from the OC, its his ability to read the defense. He never has to sweat in the pocket, knows exactly how much time he has from the snap, and doesn't have to work half as hard as the rest of the QB's you listed namely because he calls plays that protect him, not plays that get a guy open.

Listen to him described by the defense he plays against. That's the true test.


Every top QB ...

... reads the defense (man or zone? blitz? 8 in the box to stop the run? who has single coverage? which defensive player is the key to the success of the play -- FS, SLB, CB in the flat?) and every top QB calls audibles to adjust the protection and change routes (or switch from run to pass or vice versa).

I still say he is somewhat overrated, but I understand that many people don't.

That's life.

I'll be honest. This guy is making football interesting again

I can't get enough of his play calling


Lindsay cook and Jamie Whited

Probably will disagree....

You may want to Google them before you go sailing away into the sunset with this guy.

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I'll be looking

For a stain to form on Wilson's pants.

To my Liberal Trolls:
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Ian Anderson 1972

It's a good match-up. I look forward to the game.

For as young as he is, Wilson is pretty impressive.

He's an incredible talent,

He's an incredible talent, arguably the best of his era and one of the best of all time.

What impresses me most is his focus. Every play is the most important play ever, to Peyton. And he has an uncanny ability to feel the pressure when he's in the pocket. Just watch him move in the pocket sometime - he quick steps around until he sees an open man, or until he knows his time is up at which point he bails on the play.

And he Marino are the best field generals ever.

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He's awfully persuasive...

because of him I got everyone I know a Nerf Vortex football and put it on my World Mastercard.

Here's some early footage of Manning with his big brother, practicing his 'Omaha' mantra:


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I love these guys.

So you guys know that the NFL is as fake as the WWE, right

I'm sure the PTB already know who will win the superbowl.

This year it is the old vet, Peyton Manning, with a bad neck, and traditional QB style, against the brash, up modern Seahawks. I think I've seen the same storyline on westlemania.

Same bad guys too - http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/seahawks-sherman-...

But the NFL is a monopoly, colluding with the government, and making tons of money, and often driving local politics. When was the last time there was a repeat winner ? they are spreading the wealth, Why would they let the games be played out for real? Last honest game was when Namath and the Jets Beat the heavily favored colts.

I'm guessing they will let the Broncos with this year, to keep people feeling happy about tradition, and not so worried about the future. But I wouldn't be surprised if they had the seahawks win, hoping to push out the traditionalist.

You can ..

take my country ...
take my freedom ...
take my wife ...
take my kids ...
take my house ...
take my car ...

but don't F with my Monday Night Football and my beer!

I agree

NFL has been rigged for a long time now. People are stupid and they can't see through it. Funny, because most people on the Daily Paul are politically woken up but not on sports.

NFL is rigged.. face it. The tin Foil hat response is childish and stupid. I'll take my tin foil hat and shove it up your ass.

Yup EVERYTHING is rigged. Even coins you flip are rigged.

The lizard men who work for the US mint put tiny microchips in each and every coin with a tiny movable weight to make it go one way or the other.

Everything is fixed.

Even my tin foil hat which goes off half cocked all the time.

The refs...

The players might not know anything about it being rigged, but the refs sure as hell do. All it takes is 1 flag to kill a drive or extend it. Whether if it is rigged or not, it is still entertaining and I continue to watch it.

You mad? lol

Tin Foil hat? How original troll. Lizard people too! WOW, look how cool you are, comparing me to crap like that just because you got all butt hurt by my theory. I find it funny how you bring up the coin flip. Good point.... NOT!! You don't even see the coin get flipped on TV loser.

NFL classifies itself as "entertainment", which means they can do what ever they want. I love making fun of you football fans who can't see through it all, yet you mock me to try and act smart. I enjoy football as much as I enjoy WWE.

I bet you cry when your favorite team loses. LOL. You baby.

Foil hat illness even extends

Foil hat illness even extends to the NFL. Is Peyton Manning really a lizard man?

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~ Ron Paul, End the Fed


I suggest you throw on some pads and a helmet, then go let them 'fake hit' you a few times. We'll see you when you wake up from your coma in about ten years.

EDIT: You know, just thinking about it, I didn't give you the proper respect on you calling out of the 'fake' NFL. Someone as certain as you surely doesn't need a helmet or pads, so go ahead and leave them in the locker room. Fake football surely doesn't require real pads or helmets.

Go into the WWE ring

and you will get hurt too.

Sure, some of the plays are real, but overall, they know who will win, the players often know what play is coming - just like pro wrestling.

That's why the Belichick cheating scandle was such a joke, all of the teams know the signals. When Manning is saying "Omaha" he is really signaling to everyone.

Of course NFL fans who still are asleep will get mad when I say this, but wrestling fans get mad when you tell them its fake , too.

Here - http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2446383/pg1

At first...

I thought you were just joking/being sarcastic in your comments, but you're serious?

I can cut the cord on that one right there. My uncle was in the WCW and two of my cousins played in the NFL. One for the Cardinals and another for the Browns. My family is very into sports/athletics from the point we are all kids, all of us have played at least to the high school level of some sport.

Anyways, WCW was as fake as can be. My uncle rarely ever got hurt. He went through a lot of physical conditioning, and took some blows, but they weren't significant since he knew how to take them - and he wasn't exactly a wimp. But he'll openly tell you wrestling is fake as can be.

Football on the other hand, you are entirely incorrect on every front. All of the plays are real. It actually does take significant planning/studying to be able to identify plays the other team is about to execute; etc. etc. etc. And your statement of 'asleep' NFL fans is very laughable. As if it is a crucial element of everyday life that one could indeed be affected by via being 'asleep.' I'm not even a huge football fan, only watched 4-5 games this entire season; but honestly...you're just making yourself look bad, and potentially the liberty front as well, if you try to tell people something like that. You have to honestly "want" to believe football is fake to even begin to imagine scenarios that could 'prove' your theory - and we all know where that leads.

Actually NFL

has been rigged since Elway. It is all about Vegas. If you pay attention to Vegas and it's numbers, you will find out it is rigged.

The NFL destroyed Patriots tapes too before court which was odd.

Roger Goodell is a pure criminal. Mine as well call him Mafia.

Lets not forget about the fail mary last year. Oh and don't tell me "replacement refs". Replacement refs don't review the play up top.

Lets not forget when the NFL changed to entertainment. Hmmm.. I wonder why... because they are allowed to rig the games. They can't get in trouble for it now.

Lets not forget that the NFL doesn't pay taxes either. They call them selves a "Non profit organization".

NFL fans are always going to get butt hurt when you tell them the truth. I've had football fans willing to fight me over it.

Effective Communication

Something the GOP struggles with.
How can you not like the party of "the opinion of the chair the ayes have it"?

Southern Agrarian

Prob need to contact a doctor if you are in a room with Boehner

for more than 4 hours.

Couldnt care less about the broncos, or football even...

But Peyton Manning is awesome and deserves his own thread on a liberty forum.


When Manning played against the Hawks! In preseason.


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you just said Preseason. Invalid argument. Go Broncos:)

Mr. Manning

Yes I agree that Peyton is a great QB. I must say that if i had to choose one QB of all time to lead my team, it would be Mr. Favre. Good old numba 4. But like I said Peyton is definitely one of the greats.

I like ol' Favre

I remember when he first came into the league, and everyone was butchering his name. It wasn't long before they learned it, though.


Apparently he says this because eight companies donate $800.00 to his charity each time he says the word on television.

But how cool is it that the two states who have openly nullified federal drug laws are going to be in the Super Bowl

Kick off should be at 4:20. Go Broncos.