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Peyton Manning

I'm a fan of Peyton Manning. I think what sets him apart is not his amazing accuracy or his impossibly quick release - although both are top notch. What I feel sets 18 apart is his ability to very effectively and efficiently communicate adjustments to his teammates.

How many times have football fans witnessed a QB holding his head in frustration after being on a different page than a targeted receiver, for instance?


Consistently, Manning has demonstrated a high aptitude for avoiding such difficulties. By the time the ball is snapped, the entire offense has been optimized through use of his keen observations and cryptic dialect that teachers of geography should include in their curricula. Of recent temporary fame:

"Omaha! Omaha!"

Put a pin in a map for every city 18 mutters and see how quickly you can become an American atlas. Perhaps one day, he'll expand his jargon to include international landmarks.

"Stonehenge! Stonehenge!"

Maybe he already has, and I've missed it. His calls are interesting - to say the least. Imagine you were a defense listening to this jabber orchestra:

Something tells me that we will continue to see Peyton after he retires as a player. Personally, I'd like to see him coach a college team. Maybe he could show Saban a thing or two. Imagine how easy it would be for him to recruit quarterbacks - establish a lasting pedigree.

Like "The Field" from The Legend of Bagger Vance:

Manning sees it - and more remarkably - he can get others to see it with seeming ease. Effective communication is a very valuable asset.

Manning has it. That's what sets him apart.

Shiny trophy much?


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i fell asleep watching it

but woke up about every 30 min and listened a bit until the end and heard we won.
what was the final score and who are we playing in the sb?

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LOL! 'Shiny trophy much?'


Effective communication is a very valuable asset.

That was a very miserable game for me for the first 3 quarters. Then I realized, there would be no comback, and I just stopped stressing out about the game.

Manning will have his hands full against Seattle. That is going to be a great game. The best pass defense vs. the best pass offense. Word on the street is that defense beats offense.

Good work. Congrats to the Broncos.

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They may make changes for the Super Bowl, but...

thus far, the Seahawks don't typically disguise their defense. Manning should have a good handle on the match-ups and what's most available.

We're not in pre-season any more Toto.

I think it'll be a great game, but The Sheriff is from Denver.

Seattle tried to sign him

Seattle tried to sign him after he left the Colts and before we drafted Russell Wilson. Matt Flynn was our consolation signing. Imagine if Peyton also had the #1 defense backing him up. Just a thought anyways.

Peyton's gas tank is almost empty, Russell Wilson has longevity ahead of him. I am much happier to have Wilson, especially when he only cost a 3rd round pick.

Wilson is a good QB. Pete Carroll has put together quite a

system. The Seahawks are the real deal. I've been genuinely impressed.

I'd like to shout-out a howdy-do to Pete. Remember this guy?

Well, now you're facing this guy:

Throwing into double coverage

Is a hope and a prayer for pass interference.