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Could Jesse Ventura hand Rand Paul the Presidency?

OK, so here is my hypothetical scenario: If Rand managed the Republican nomination, and Hillary was the Democrat nominee, and Jesse Ventura talked Howard Stern into joining him for a 3rd party run.

Most don't think Jesse would have a chance of winning, but would Jesse draw more votes from liberals than libertarian leaning Republicans? What if he was able to pull over 10% of the vote. Would he take enough away from Hillary that Rand would win? Perot was essentially a spoiler for George H.W. Bush. What do you guys think? Possible?

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Hard to say...look what happened to Ken Kucinelli in VA

He lost and probably had a better chance of winning w/o the LP candidate.

Nevertheless, Jesse Ventura is quite liberal so who knows.

I'm already

seeing CLINTON/OBAMA (Michelle) 2016 stickers on the Priussuses of California. We need a miracle.

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I think you are kidding yourself

if you believe Obama is not going to be "President" again.

He has a pen and he is not afraid to use it.

Obama will not be going anywhere.

Take a look at Hillary - she looks downright horrible - and I dont mean good looking bad looking - I mean - she looks very unhealthy, very beat up, very - frumpy for lack of a better word. In short she looks like Elvis - right before he kicked too - a fat bloated shell of a former self.

I mean this with all seriousness

I like Jesse Ventura, but he doesn't look or act presidential and the American populace are too superficial to look past that.

Additionally, I think you underestimate the democrats' love for the Clintons.

if you think Jesse doesn't look the part

what about Howard Stern-Fart man for President?!

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Things are changing, but

Things are changing, but never underestimate the stupidity of American voters. They have quite a track record of choosing bastards and falling for lies, and they need some Soviet style suffering before they will start to come around. Rand is still way ahead of his time.