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Ken Ham vs Bill Nye the Science Guy 2-4-14

Just wanted everyone to be aware of a very exciting debate coming up. As much as I prefer that fellow freedom activist Kent Hovind debate Bill Nye the Science guy on Creation vs Evolution, Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis is going to do it. This could be good!


I'm excited!

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Nye's brave, new world doesn't include homeschoolers either


He's getting a big head with his little insinuations that people who disagree with him should be excluded from important endeavors. You can only do that so many times before you find yourself standing alone.

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850,000-year-old human footprints found in Norfolk

"The truth is out there Neo, and it will find you if you want it to."
Friday 7 February 2014 11.46 EST

The oldest human footprints ever found outside Africa, dated at between 850,000 and 950,000 years old, have been discovered on the storm-lashed beach at Happisburgh in Norfolk, one of the fastest eroding stretches of the British coast. Within a fortnight the sea tides that exposed the prints last May destroyed them, leaving only casts and 3D images made through photogrammetry – by stitching together hundreds of photographs – as evidence that a little group from a long-extinct early human species had passed that way.

"We don't know why the Universe is expanding faster"

Sure you do, all that is necessary to solve the riddle is to apply the laws of gravitational strength with proximity to source.

The further you get from earth, the strength of earth gravity is less.

Thus, the further you get from the massive black hole at the center of the universe (which is a theory because we haven't found it) the universal gravity is less.

Expansion will happen further from the center as weightlessness increases further from earth.

Can I get my noble pee's already?

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Analysis of the debate


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Bill Nye Lied?


When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

In the Article...

Bill Nye says: "that if we could find “just one” fossil that was out of place that we could change the world."

My two cents

I am a Christian but I believe when other Christians get themselves into debates like this it's just dumb. We can't prove God and the other side can't 100% disprove God. I've seen people waste countless hours of productive life trying to get an answer, but if the answers were that simple, what would be the point of having the faith God wants us to? I consider life a test and if you pass with flying colors according to his will then you fly around with the Angels and all that.

There are around 1,900 pages in the Bible. One or two talk about creation specifically. The others tell us how to live. What message do you think the authors were receiving from God? How we came to be or how we need to be while we're here? Personally I don't think the "how" of us getting here is as important as "what" we do while we're here. I think that's much more important. With every scientific discovery, I find myself appreciating how powerful God really is.

So in the end, I don't see how these types of debates are all that significant. I think they're rather pointless in the grand scheme. For both sides.


isn't dumb JH... it's necessary.
Sometimes it's necessary to 'contend' for the faith.
There's a war on for hearts and minds and on several levels
as you well know.
The 'body' of Christ, fitly joined, has many parts 'working' together... as it should be.
In THIS particular 'arena' it happens we are fighting against Government.
Here on the DP I'm comfortable with that.
It is definitely not 'pointless' in the grand scheme.
It's tiring.
It's taxing.
It's a lot of things.. but not pointless.
I'm sorry it makes you uncomfortable. (seriously)

Another really good part that

Another really good part that I think shows the different from the sides, was at the end when they were asked what they would need to change their views. Ham said that nothing could convince him that the word of god was wrong. Bill Nye? He said just give him evidence.

I strongly prefer the second way of thinking to the former.

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Bill Nye lied. That's just my

Bill Nye lied.

That's just my opinion of course, but do you really think he'll give up the position he has fought so much for so easily? He is just as religious as Ham, as are most "scientists".

Of course if enough of his "gods" accepted the evidence, he'd probably have to concede.

At least Ham is honest about it. (Honest about how a religious mind works that is. He himself might not really believe any of the stuff he preaches.)


good attitude Dr. No...
I gave it to you... and you say you prefer it.

I posed a very easy to understand challenge and Here
in the geosciences regarding sedimentary bending
that the 'model' you have defended on this thread must explain.

We see it all around us (here in Arizona especially).

What do we do now?

I'll start with this..

Our model says simply that the sediments were wet when the upthrusting and local pressures came.

If there WAS no God... no Noah... no Hell/Heaven... walking on water.. no whales swallowing people...

And I put you in a room to stare at a slice of this anomaly and simply asked you what makes the most sense...

You KNOW the wet answer is the obvious answer... it solves every problem.
Millions of years nor pressure nor heat solves the dilemma.

I repeat... what do we do now?

Ham on nye, hold the mayo

Seriously, thanks. I plan to watch it today. The debate, I mean. Not Airplane. :)


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Bill Nye keeps passive-aggressively

implying that creationists are withholding their own ability to participate in innovation and engineering due to believing in creation. He'd comment about how a certain medical procedure wasn't available in Kentucky and shouldn't creationists "integrate" to somehow make more progress? I know, it sounds like non-sense, but passive-aggression doesn't translate well to paraphrasing and he really did twice use the word "integrate" completely non-nonsensically even with lots of set-up for it.

His overall point is to generally insult creationists by implying they can't participate in science and innovation. That or he has some plan to prevent it for the future. Either way, he's being very creepy.

He's supposed to have an engineering degree and have made some inventions. He should understand better how people do their work, that engineers aren't converting the properties of their materials to some evolution-based model before making calculations. He does understand, he's just pretending not to to get the insult in I suppose.

Defend Liberty!


It's very much an insult and incredibly arrogant
and he's just the tip of the thorn...
he's not the only one

Don't hate

It's kind of far and hard to tell but was that a Masonic handshake at the end between moderator and nye ?

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Every handshake is a masonic

Every handshake is a masonic handshake. This has been proven.

Evolutionists, please explain

Evolutionists, please explain this.

Then go read Genesis chapter 6. Then if you really want to understand read this.

Lmao. The picture of the

Lmao. The picture of the princess from the 1400s - isn't that here hair??? Interesting but that one was reaching, I think.

Where are the Independent tests?

As with all the other 'Giants' found around the Earth, there is a problem sharing the actual evidence with skeptics to get their judgement.

This is little different than Global Warmists. When asked for the methods, test documentation, and Global Climate Model (GCM) code, they get defensive and start whipping out credentials and names of other people who have 'verified' their data.


Skull binding was a common practice in Paracas. Extraordinary finds require extraordinary tests to verify. I'd like to see a skeptics review, especially of the DNA.

Both analyses are preliminary. I think it is a stretch to draw any conclusions.

I agree...

I dug around from the article/comment section and found this:
It's just getting off the ground..
Remember: skull binding does not increase brain mass or skull size.. and this is reported as having been measured to be significantly larger than 'standard'.
I removed the video posted as it was from November on something else.
btw... no one here is claiming this is 'verified' or 'certified' only just recently 'found'... and something of 'interest'.
Calm down.

Was whipped up by the Good Samaritan

Apologies. Got a little miffed that my reverence for the Teachings of Christ were shortsighted. It bothers me a bit because 'some' of His teachings are quite libertarian and good natured, but then GS reminded me of just how ugly the Bible is when taken as a Literal Whole. Far more ugliness than what I'd associate with a Perfect and Loving God.

Finding elongated skulls, in an area where skull binding is known to have been prevalent, that show characteristics that are odd for skull binding would lead me to ask different questions. There are a bunch of PhD's out there who claim these Paracas Skulls are not Nephilim, but rather Aliens. How credible is that?

The 'evidence' cooked up to support a good many of the more questionable stories is really quite reaching. Each piece of evidence creates conditions that lead to more questions that require even greater leaps of faith.

In any event, I appreciate your level responses and apologize for flying off the handle a bit.

Have a great day!


is the Article It's an incredible discovery.. love it!
The comments below this non-creationist/secular article are eclectic to say the least.
It (of course) pisses some of the commenters off that the skull is only dated to 3000 years... I'm sure that will change once main stream 'science' grabs hold of it. The video and your reference to Genesis 6 excellently demonstrates the point that our 'model' remains strong. We don't have to alter or distort ANYTHING in order to 'account' for such discoveries. It fits like a glove.
Peer Review
Most of us (by now) understand what this really means.
Much like the '911 Commission Report/NIST' or 'Alternative Cancer Treatments'... this is the 'process' by which 'Discoveries' are BENT or dismissed to conform to existing paradigms. Despite DNA and SKULL in hand... this will NOT escape that process. Just like 'Science' and 'Physics' were used to explain away the Twin Towers... while all the while PROFESSING that their 'Science' 'always' stands ready to be challenged and be 'humbled' into confessing their misconceptions.
It's simply not true and we witness it time and again.

Peer Review vs Critical Review

The Towers have not been properly Critically Reviewed by Skeptics, because evidence has been withheld.

I'd like to see this 'discovery' meet the rigors of Critical Review. Not just bent to conform to Creationist paradigms.


that's pretty funny... the 'State' dominated peer community bending things to support a creation paradigm.. that'd be the day.

excellent point, people will

excellent point, people will be people no matter what labels they slap onto themselves and their 'esteemed' organizations, lol

Interesting quote from the debate

Something like "A light year is not a measure of time. It is a measure of distance." - Bill Nye the Science Guy

Daily Paulers, do you agree?

Thanks for posting this. If there was one thing I could point out, I would answer the question "Is there any evidence, besides that in the bible, of a creation model of origins?"


Exhibit A: the observable and repeatable law of biogenesis.

"Life comes from pre existing life."

Just for fun, I would throw in a variation of that law.

"Information comes from pre existing information"

As it is written, "In the beginning was the Word."

Thanks, again.


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A light year is a measure of

A light year is a measure of distance - the distance light travels in one year through a vacuum if you take the speed of light as the constant "C" = 3.0 x 10^8 m/s.

A year is a measure of time.

For a constant velocity, distance = speed x time.

1 light year = (1 year)(3.0 x 10^8 m/s) = (1 year)(3.0 x 10^8 m/s)(1km/1000m)(60s/1min)(60min/1hr)(24hr/1day)(365.25days/1year) = 9.5 x 10^12 km

Bill nye is confused...

A light year is a measurement of time, and a measurement of distance. Plus he doesn't know what the 2nd law of thermodynamics is... close... but no cigar. AND he's MASSIVELY confused about the fossil record.

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

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The speed of light

is a measure of distance if it is constant. There is evidence that it was billions of times faster at the beginning of Creation.

There are several models that explain this possibility, including White Hole Cosmology, created by Dr. D. Russell Humphreys, and a new model by Dr. John G. Hartnett.

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