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Coming Soon: The Great Pot Flood of 2014

I always love an unintended consequence.

Anyhow, here are the basic facts I'm staring down; I'm no expert, so correct me if I'm wrong.

- It takes 3-4 months to grow pot from seed to harvest.
- Pot cultivation is now legal in Colorado (a couple of plants per person)
- In late March, the first legally, privately grown pot will appear in Colorado.
- Each plant can create between an ounce and a pound of the drug.
- A serious pot smoker can smoke half a pound per year.
- The prospect of growing something that is worth $5000 a pound will be too much for most people to resist.

All this together makes me thing there will be WAY TOO MUCH pot going around in March and April and prices will totally collapse.


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Prices will drop

but mostly in colorado and its surrounding states, out of town dealers and traffickers will reap most of the profits and the consumers will see a small reduction in price. To see prices really drop there will need to be a few more states in america that legalize for recreational use.


Colorado meme, buy med card,

Colorado meme, buy med card(better protections,less taxes and some places cover your cost in med card with product), boycott retail, grow your own or support your local black market dealer before you support the retail rape/robbery by taxes.

now use the same majority voter block in Colorado that nullified the gop/dnc and the federal gov and start removing these republicans/dem from office over their reefer madness regulations and overkill.

sadly rand lost his position on marijuana. When Obama said marijuana is no more dangerous then alcohol while rand pandered to the right wing nuts with marijuana is dangerous BS. Voters in Colorado will remember since the gop has the perception of being pro-drug war.

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Nows probably the best time

Nows probably the best time to make major profit, as with many things, once there is an obbundance of it in the market, prices, thus profit will fall

Kudos to the entrepreneurials out there participating in voluntary weed commerce, be mindfull of your product and your buyers though, a kid who wants an ounce of weed might just get it, but it doesnt have to be from you.......specific circumstances aside, in life, there are ALWAYS legitimate rightfull circumstances, unless "big brother" gets its way

better be ready to throw

better be ready to throw 50,000 to 200,000/500,000 in the air with regulations/colorado before you even make a penny.

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Sheesh. Prices sure have gone

Sheesh. Prices sure have gone up. Used to be $250/lb when it was illegal in Florida, back in the day......


I think that was hemp you were smoking.


You sure?

You sure you mean pound instead of ounce?

Pot cultivation has been

Pot cultivation has been legal in Colorado for some time. It is just retail selling that recently was opened up. Problem is, it's limited to 6 plants per adult and household. This makes it completely impossible to make commercially viable (legally). You can bet most of the "legal" stores are getting some supply through not entirely legal means, because they have to.

It's actually a skill to be good at growing pot. The kind of stuff people have become accustomed to is not something that grows in any normal conditions whatsoever, it requires special equipment and careful attention. So dirt weed becoming more common won't really have any effect at all on the price of premium weed, as it's an entirely separate market.

And you'd probably be right about the collapse of pot prices -IF- we had capitalism (and by collapse I mean reduced to a reasonable price for plant matter). But we don't, the markets are heavily controlled, and few more so than the brand new legal pot market. The taxation is ABSURD and the amount of hoops that you must jump through to do this legally practically ensures that the black market will still be a popular and likely cheaper way to acquire it.

I predict that when supply catches up with demand, very few people will choose to acquire pot legally, because illegal pot will be driven down massively. Hopefully this will force legislators to consider loosening up the control of this market.

Anyway, bottom line, in a Capitalist society you'd be right, but what happens from here isn't natural, it is happening because of attempts to control the market artificially (like most of our other problems).



being that it is still

being that it is still illegal in almost all the states i dont think the price will drop that much.

Pot pricing is a heavily

Pot pricing is a heavily localized market.

ive smoked pot everyday for

ive smoked pot everyday for years now, the price has gone up and the qaulity has gone down,trust me. Ive been pissed about it for some time, the pot use to be so much better and cheaper 6,7 years ago.

Uh, the quality has most

Uh, the quality has most certainly NOT gone down. Get yourself a new source if that's the case!!


LMAO I needed that


Monsanto is

Search the topic: Monsanto/cannabis seeds
Not good my friends!
Keep your seed strains away from that shit!!!, if you can without them doing what they have done to corn & bean farmers. It's criminal.


It takes 60 to 90 days to

It takes 60 to 90 days to grow a cannabis plant till harvest. Depending on which strain you have. Half a pound is not very much. A serious smoker will smoke more than half a pound. A serious smoker will go through 2 to 4 pounds. I think you are wrong. Most people will not grow their own unless they do not have the 45.00 to go to the dispensary to buy their 1/8th. an 1/8 will last the casual smoker the weekend. It takes skill to grow this plant. It takes time and knowledge to grow the good stuff and not the old Mexican crap we used to get 20 years ago called swag.

That old Mexican crap was

That old Mexican crap was more like 40 years ago and until they started spraying it with paraquat it was a happy high that didn't turn you into a two hit shit faced zombie on the crap that came along afterward.

I think you may have missed

I think you may have missed the OP's point. This isn't about people growing it for their own consumption. It's about people growing it to sell. If you can grow $5000 on a plant, why not do it? There is quite a bit of potential for an explosion in supply.

You can't. There are other

You can't. There are other plants that are cultivated for their uses as well... practically everything we make is made out of rocks and plants. Why doesn't everyone just grow rubber trees? It's a skill like any other, that needs to be learned and improved, and no one's going to buy your first attempt at closet weed.

because it is NOT easy to

because it is NOT easy to grow. It takes knowledge to grow a plant that is GOOD. Any one can grow a pot plant. The question is this, do you know how to grow it to get a 33% THC level. Very few people know what they are doing. People will not buy pot if it does not get them high. There is a science to growing it. Look at the cannabis cup. People enter their pot to win. It must be very good. Also you do not get even close to 5k on a plant. Have you grown pot? Do you know what it takes?

not true

in nyc people pay as high as 5600 to as low as 3500 for sour diesel with most paying 5200


growing pot is a full time

growing pot is a full time job and not easy as some like to think unless you like lower grades or Mexican bs pot.

there will be no flood, the sky will not fall. NO FLOOD!! sincerely caregiver.

if there is any flood I would liken it to a muddy river of crappy pot!

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Isn't the entire beauty of legalization

is that you can grow enough of what you need for yourself? And maybe hopefully eliminate the black market, crime and all the negative aspects associated with the current state of affairs with nothing other than an herb that grows naturally everywhere? The only people interested in the price of something are the ones who want to make $. The market will sort itself out in short time and those who don't want to grow their own will purchase for the market value, which will hopefully be very fair like having a pint of good craft brewed ale or a good cup of java at your local hangout.


It would be if...

legalization and a free market was what we had - but in Colorado, for
example, cultivation for private use is still not allowed.

A lot depends on the form that legalization takes.

Oregon's 2012 marijuana measure - which lacked deep-pocket
backers and failed - was not perfect, but it was far more libertarian
in its approach and allowed for personal cultivation (with limits
on the number of plants) without any license (growth for personal
consumption is already allowed for medical marijuana card holders).

I think the happy scenario you envision makes perfect sense and is the desirable outcome,
but the Monsanto's, Big Pharma and others have another agenda so people
need to be paying attention to what kind of "legalization" is being offered.

Full text of Oregon's measure here:


no that's wrong

"but in Colorado, for
example, cultivation for private use is still not allowed."

yes it is allowed.
you are probably thinking of Washington state where personal cultivation is not allowed and where they are tying to get rid of medical cultivation as well.
also, wash does not allow tourist, Colorado is the only state that does.

colorado has the most libertarian marijuana laws in the usa. we're far from a perfect libertarian state but we are the most libertarian state in the country imo.

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Sorry, MMJ -

My bad - and no disrespect to Colorado intended.

I still think the Oregon ballot measure has a lot
to offer as a less-bureaucratic model though -
the "Whereases" at the beginning are worth a read
all by themselves.

Plus, there is basically a 10th Amendment challenge
built into the bill and a requirement that the state
attorney general vigorously defend against any infringement
by the Federales...

Keep your powder dry and your plants watered ;-)

So what happened in the end

So what happened in the end with all the gun law stuff that was in the media? I remember a recall and a resignation of state legislators but I don't know what actually happened with the gun laws. Any thoughts from a local?

yeah they got reacalled but

the bad law is still on the books and i believe magpul left for texas. as it stands, once all the old stock of 10+ round mags are gone that is supposed to be it. i'm not too worried though because in texas during the (10 years?) awb i was able to buy a glock with a 17 +2 round mag. the owner was a good old boy and said it was old stock (wink/nod). they could still order higher cap mags for leo's and i think that's where the never ending "old stock" came from.
a 3d printer will solve the problem too.

only thing is you don't want to die as the old 10+ round mags are tech illegal to transfer. but it's not like they are kicking in doors checking these things. the law should be repealed soon before any real damage is done. most of the politicians got the message and don't want to be recalled for another dumb vote. we'll see, i need to get more involved locally. the shooting scared the slaves but that vote woke a lot of folks up as is evidenced by the recalls. never again!

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so the only law so no new 10+

so the only law is no new 10+ mags? no registries or anything? that shouldn't be too hard to get repealed. too bad magpul left.

i don't know exactly

i don't know all the details of the last gun law legislation, like i said i need to get more involved locally.

they have had an awb in denver for a while but it is only for sales. i simply got mine next door in aurora as most do. we have a good Castle and stand your ground law in the state. denver is just weird about guns.

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