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Stefan Molyneux and Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist, discuss breaking free from religion.

Stefan Molyneux and Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist, discuss breaking free from religion, the social costs of accepting atheism, the predatory targeting of the young, religion as child abuse, the worship of ignorance, the benefits of religion and advice to religious parents.


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Replacing "god with government."

I very much agree with this.

I also do not see good evidence for climate change or "global warming."

Who told you?

For all the so called "athiests" out there:

Who told you that selfishness is wrong?
Who told you that stealing is wrong?
Who told you that lying is wrong?
Who told you that rape is wrong?
Who told you that murder is wrong?

Who told you that you can just do anything you want unto others because you desire to do so?

Who is it that explained to you, what is right and what is wrong, and why it is so?

Who told you these things?

If you lived in a land with no laws, would these things be acceptable to do and if not why not?

Who told you?

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

These questions are answered in the Bible

Many athiests here actually boast that they know that rape is wrong, that murdering is wrong and they mock that I put those questions out there to ponder.

Well, even though they mock the Bible and the God who wrote the Bible, within it's pages it is written that God Himself put "the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness"

THIS is why, all mankind know it is wrong to do these wicked things!

God tells us all in our conscience and in His Word.

He also tells us there is a day coming soon that all will give an account of their wickedness and be judged, sentenced and then punished accordlingly to all they have done!

Only those who call upon the name of Jesus will be saved from this terrible day.

Why not seek Him today, while you still have an opportunity to do so!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

SteveMT's picture

Selfishness is actually a virtue.

People need to take care of themselves first, before addressing the needs of others.
The rest of the questions on your list are answered by observing what goes on in the animal world.

If an animal makes a kill or finds food, it is going to protect that food from being stolen by others.
Female animals that are not ready to mate, will not. If the males still try, they will get a beating that they will not forget. Female animals are not raped by the males. Spayed females are not bothered at all by respective males of the same species. They are left alone.
Few species kill one another. Praying mantises, black widow spiders, and some snakes do kill each other, but generally most species do not.
When not in competition with one another during mating season, there is generally camaraderie and security provided within species. They get along peacefully together.
However, most species are not monogamous. The world is finally recognizing this artificial restriction and unnatural state. People are catching up to the animal kingdom in this regard with less marriages; it's a failed institution for the most part.

I'm not an atheist, but I thought your questions deserved answers.

But thats just it

The animals are already pre-packaged with "divine information" that provides everything they need to survive. We are born helpless and nearly blank in this strange flesh which needs to learn everything to survive. This is why we need to go beyond mere bodily "human" understanding and reach out with our thoughts which are really what have weight and power in this world.

Giving - Receiving

"It is in giving that we receive" saith the Good Book!

We are to help those in need whenever we have the means or opportunity to do so with thanksgiving unto Him who gives us all things.

To seek our own good only and to turn others away when we have it to give is spoken out against in God's Word and is anything but love and compassion unto others.

"Give, and it shall be given unto you" said Jesus Christ.

Remember, we reap whatsoever we sow!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

SteveMT's picture

You were suppose to say thanks for trying to answer my questions

...not attack me more, but hey, I'm a big boy. If one chooses to give anything to anyone, that is their business. No one else's. Just giving to score points with God means nothing. Some restaurants automatically add 20% to the bill for the "correct" tip. In other words, forced giving like paying taxes. God would call that crapola.

People need to take care of themselves first if they want to be the best that the Almighty intended them to be. After fulfilling God's plan for themselves, only then can these people start asking additional questions about God's other plans for them. If God wants someone to be a doctor, but instead they give away everything that they own to help people, they just bought a ticket to hell. As a physician, they would have been able to reach more people and donate more to the common good had they listened to God and stayed the course. Rethink some of your rigid dogmatic beliefs. The Almighty works differently in different people, not only by your judgmental belief system. If everyone put everyone else first, no one would be in a position to help anyone in a very short period of time. You are only looking at short-term goals. Somethings take decades to accomplish.

How is telling the truth about giving and receiving

attacking you?

It's not about scoring points with God as you say!

What on earth are you talking about?

My quotes are from the Bible!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Selfishness is Actually a Virtue?

As a mother selfishly tends herself, before nurturing her young?

Certainly, one can't help others unless one is able to take care of oneself. However, do humans typically pursue only their individual interests, or are we first compelled by morality to ensure the survival of our families, collectives, into which we either are born involuntarily or freely choose to join and cannot abandon without injustice?

Isn't there, imposed upon each individual, a reasonable moral obligation to ensure the continued survival and prosperity of the collective, to which one is naturally, and involuntarily, indebted for his very existence?

SteveMT's picture

Read some Ayn Rand.

"As a mother selfishly tends herself, before nurturing her young?
Certainly, one can't help others unless one is able to take care of oneself."

How does one nurture without first taking care of their own needs? If this mother doesn't have an education to nurture with, what will she teach to her offspring? If this mom is malnourished, she will not have the energy to do anything.

Medically speaking, if a physician takes care of a gestational mom-to-be, then they also are taking care of the developing baby. Anything that happens to mom, also happens to the baby. In other words, good nutrition, exercise, rest, hydration, no drugs, etc. will produce a healthy baby. Most of the babies born in my town are meth-babies. It's a sad situation. The point is that taking care of this mom during a pregnancy should continue after the delivery. The foregoing of the mother's needs by putting the baby always first is a mistake. She needs to continue to have her space to pursue her interests and needs in an ideal world. By setting oneself up to be a martyr, they will indeed become one. People have got to put themselves first some of the time. If they put themselves last all of the time, a disaster becomes inevitable.

No one that you would know

You could not be more wrong!

I know Him because He abides within me!

It is He who guides my every step and teaches me His truth, and until that very day that He comes for me, I will continue with His blessing to share that which I know to anyone who will give an ear, with the hope that He may move their heart to believe that all He has said in His Word is true and able to save the very soul of man.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Totally predictable response...

...devoid of any reason or substance; mumbo jumbo.

Thank you for the compliment

I always answer as truthful as I can, regardless if anyone agrees with me. Most will not the Good Book tells me.

I hope that you will one day soon, put away your hatred for the Truth of God's Word and call upon Him for mercy and forgiveness.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

So many athiests here on this site and yet

only 2 have attempted to answer the questions above!

They truly are difficult to answer if you answer to nobody but yourself!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I count at least 3.

As I've tried to answer your question (below in a comment further down), let me re-ask you:

Who told you?...and if "God", how did he tell you? I'm genuinely interested.

Yes, absoulutely God told me!

You say that you really want to know "Who told me" and that is good!

It very well may be that God is drawing you unto Himself.


Open up that Book called the Holy Bible and read it well.

That is where you will read what God tells everyone!

If you do not have one get a King James Authorized version.

If you cannot afford one, I will send you one if you would allow me.

Within it's pages you will see what God tells you, me, everyone what is right and wrong.

The wrong is called "sin"

Sin is THE cause for ALL the problems in life, for ALL the sorrows and sin must be accounted for, and WILL be accounted for!

THAT is why athiests deny the Word of God because they do not ever want to admit to themselves that they will one day stand guilty before Almighty God in all their sins, but this fatal denial is no more than sticking ones head in the sand when at the same time there really is a Hope for them.

There is one solution, and one only, and that is to turn from your sins and to turn to God seeking His forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ who died for all who would believe on Him.

Jesus came for sinners!

My hope is that there will be someone on this site who will do just that in reading all the comments of many who bring this message of hope and peace with God through Jesus Christ His Son.

Without Christ, there is NO HOPE EVER for salvation!

Don't put this off another day!

Please, get yourself a Bible, forget about all the nay-sayers and think about YOUR eternity which could be filled with unspeakable joy if only you would come to God with a heart that wants His mercy.

Ask Him, seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him and you will find True Peace.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I guess my question more specifically is...

How did God tell you that the bible was his word?

If your answer is "through the bible itself"...I must say that would seem awfully strange and/or naive.

I mean, if I gave you a handwritten note on a piece of paper that said "This is the word of God, and you must always wear purple pants", would you believe it and obey?...after all, it says on the paper that the paper is the word of God, so it must be, right?

But, I don't want to jump to conclusions...maybe there was another way God told you that the bible was his word. Again, legitimately curious.

Common sense. I want to live

Common sense. I want to live in a world where my wife and children are not in constant danger of being raped and murdered because I love them. My fear for their saftey is what tells me what is acceptable behavior and what is crime, just as it does for every other human on earth (besides a few zealots and psychopaths). Its not that tough. If you need a cosmic overlord to tell you not to do these things, you should probably be in a cage.

Common sense

There are those in this dark world, who think these things are not so bad, so tell me why they are wrong.

Common sense does not make anything right or wrong even though it may guide you to be correct on something.

Bad deeds are not bad because "common sense" says so!

Many out there today, sadly, have very little if any common sense!

Now, answer the question please, Who told you anything being right from wrong and what is their authority?

WHO MAKES THE RULES? ... is what I am asking all you athiests!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

There is no such things as

There is no such things as "right" and "wrong" outside of human reason's ability to calculate these things. To me, things are "right" and "wrong" only BECAUSE they violate natural rights and the non-aggression principal as we have set forth. When I find enough people who agree with me, we form society based around them. When those who believe slave/mastery, murder & tyranny are "right" by their might-makes-right mentality, they win, we die.

There is no higher authority than us (that we know of beyond make-believe), therefore we are the arbitors of our own morality and either choose one that benifits our loved ones, or subjegates them (as per the norm).

I know that doesn't give you comfort, which is why you'll try to pretend there is a cosmic overlord who has set in stone RIGHT AND WRONG so that they aren't just ideas, but TRUTH that you can kill those who disagree with and be justified. I guess no one told Hitler, Moa & Stalin, as well as countless ruthless dictators since the begining of civilization that they had to follow the TRUE law. But then, the Church seemed to think they were as they lit young women on fire for the crime of thinking.

Ah but there's the crux. I don't pretend my views on morality are anything more than a man made philosophy id like to put into action by gaining enough political power to make it happen. I certainly don't think I have any deity backing me up that gives me the AUTHORITY to kill those who don't agree, or in any deprive them of the same rights I have. Those of you who fall in this "God says its TRUTH" camp have the potential to be extremely tyrannical and dangerous because of this. Its what the witch burnings, crusades and a blood soaked history of death, torture and tyranny in the name of religeon is all about. Men who kill because they are the defenders of TRUTH!!! God does not give you authority over other people. Its arrogance at amazing heights to think otherwise.

Only a religeous person can commit horrors against innocent people and believe they are doing good. A libertarian who adhere's to the non-aggression principal cannot engage in criminal behavior and fool himself into thinking he's somehow justified. Defense and offense are well understood in this principal, and you if you choose to be a criminal, it is a naked choice that you cannot hide from by claiming you have divine authority for what you're doing.

Ethics and fairness are not difficult

Have you ever had the inclination to rape somebody? Murder somebody? Steal? Lie?

I have never wanted to kill or rape a person. I need no guidance on that issue.

What STOPS YOU from raping? A reward? A congratulations, here is your prize?

If the world denounced Christianity tomorrow, would you be inclined to rape and kill?

I kindly asked you WHO?

It matters not what the entire world does as far as what I would do in ANY situation in my life....I HAVE A PERFECT GUIDE that resides within me!

I am still waiting for your honest answer of just who that "Who" might be that tells YOU, that stealing is wrong!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Do you know what it means "to beg the question?"

For example, if I ask "WHEN did you stop beating your wife?"

It begs that there was a time (a WHEN) you beat your wife. So the question is fallacious. This question does not relate to reality or anything true. Only a semantic trick that supposes the answer. (the begging.)

So to ask WHO gives you morality? or
WHO made that mountain over there? or
WHO makes the storm clouds?

Are all fallacious questions. Not one of these questions is answered with a "WHO."
The question supposes that the answer "is a person" or "a WHO" as you have said.
So this is "begging the question," and supposing the answer.
As in "When did you stop beating your wife."
Same type of question.


You may wonder HOW? What? What process?


But saying "I don't know" is completely acceptable. It is honest. If that is the truth, that is what you should say.

But if there is something to which you say "I don't know." It is not honest, and does not justify saying "So I will just say that Yahweh did it."

That is dishonest.

I am comfortable with "I don't know." Because I value the truth. And I value honesty.

Fallacious you say?

Just where did all those great and wondrous mountains come from I ask you?

That is no fallacious question, nor is it deceptive in any way, nor is it leading.

That is an honest question to which has a very factual answer!

Are you going to tell me that everything came from a Big Bang?

Are you going to tell me that there is no penalty for lying, stealing, cheating, and all the many other deplorable things that man does every day and often think he gets away with it because he never got caught?

I tell you that each and every sin that you or I and everyone who has ever lived commited, will be accounted for and will demand true justice and sentencing will be carried out in full so that none will escape this day of judgment, NONE!

No, not I it is who tells you that but God!

Only those who are in Christ Jesus will be found innocent because ALL their sins have been paid in full by Him!

Instead of denying this truth, why don't you humble yourself and seek His mercy while you still have the breath of life in you.

Don't be afraid to ask Him for forgiveness...He is always listening and will never turn His ear from a repentent sinner who is seeking His face....NEVER!

Will you really trust someone's teaching like Darwin with your eternity?

Please think about all this. I hope you do, I truly hope you do.

Time really is running out for everyone!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

WHERE did beat your wife?

Does this question have an answer? Is it leading? Can you see that this question NECESSITATES that you have beaten your wife. So has no relation to actual events (reality).

This question is fallacious. That is the fallacy of "begging the question" in philosophy. And you are committing it when you ask "WHO or WHERE."

WHAT COLOR is love? This is a silly and fallacious question that does not have any relation to reality.

Right and wrong

are in the eyes of the beholder are they not?

No? Then explain please.

You may not have wanted to do any of these things but others have and so why is it that they are wrong?

Who says that lying is wrong?

Can man just do what is right in his own eyes?

Can we all differ on lying for example and still all be right?

What makes something like theft wrong for everybody, and...


For example, you may think its OK to divorce, another may think otherwise.

WHO makes ALL the rules for all mankind and tells ALL mankind with no exceptions, just what is right and what is wrong?

Who is it, that would be so bold as to say "I AM" ?

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

The ugliest man

One of the biggest problems with God is the idea that he sees everything we think and do. Frankly, we can't allow such a God to exist, and if he did, we'd certainly have to kill him.

Treat yourself to chapter 67 of Nietztsche's Zarathustra, "The Ugliest Man"

Michael Nystrom's picture

But how do I break free from the religion of Atheism?

Do they talk about that, too?

If religion relies on faith, doesn't atheism as well? Religion relies on faith that there is a god. Atheism relies on faith that there isn't.

Please don't tell me I'm the only one who finds this point to be obvious.

Anyway, just askin'. Just throwin' a stink bomb out there. Don't take it all personal or nuthin'

And now I'm goin' t' bed.

He's the man.