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AMC movie theater calls FBI to arrest a Google Glass user

A Google Glass user was interrogated without legal counsel for a couple of hours under suspicion that he may have been recording a film in the AMC movie theater. Although the matter could have been cleared in minutes, federal agents insisted on interrogating the user for hours. So long for our constitutional freedoms

Source: http://the-gadgeteer.com/2014/01/20/amc-movie-theater-calls-...

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That would be a terrible way

That would be a terrible way to record a movie. What are you going to do, sit there with your head in one spot the whole movie? stupid.

I don't think your constitutional freedoms matter much when your on private property. Most movie theaters don't allow guns in the theater, and that right is explicitly in the Constitution. As for Google glass, I haven't seen that in the Constitution yet.

I think the

Constitutional complaint is towards the FBI. The movie theater can ban what they want on their own private property, but Federal Agents need to uphold the law.