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Has the RNC Reveresed Their Position on the NSA Because of Rand Paul?

This week at the RNC Winter meeting in Washington, D.C., the 8-member Committee on Resolutions will once again take up the issue of NSA Surveillance programs with at least two resolutions being presented.

I intend to continue the fight to restore Americans rights through my Fourth Amendment Restoration Act and my legal challenge against the NSA.” - Sen. Rand Paul

Has the recent  success of Kentucky Senator and 2016 Presidential hopeful, Rand Paul reversed the RNC's position regarding the NSA Surveillance programs?

As reported last week in the Washington Times, "the Republican National Committee is poised to join Sen. Rand Paul’s fight to restore privacy rights and financial relief to nearly 8 million U.S. citizens living abroad."  Ralph Z. Hallow reports that "a resolution to repeal the law has won the support of key RNC committee members and is slated for a vote.".

Last August, I shared with you the fate of my Resolution Rebuking the NSA's Unconstitutional Surveillance Program which was presented by Nevada National Committeewoman Diana Orrock.  The Resolution would have helped the fight to restore privacy rights to U.S. citizens living within U.S. borders, not just to those overseas.

Orrock had asked the Republican National Committee on Resolutions to take immediate and decisive action, sending an unmistakable message to Congress, urging them to remember the oaths they swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and to "well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office."

Refusing to make a motion to discuss, the 8-member Committee on Resolutions dismissed the notion that these programs were even a violation of our 4th Amendment rights.

This was the tone President Obama followed recently in his 45-minute address to the public, ignoring any mention of 4th amendment violations by the NSA  yet issuing a new policy directive to the U.S. intelligence community.

Since Diana's summer presentation, it has been further revealed, based in documents released by Edward Snowden, that the NSA is gathering hundreds of millions of e-mail address books, breaking into private networks that link the overseas data centers of Google and Yahoo, and building a database of trillions of location records transmitted by cellphones around the world.

Now, armed with the new information fresh from the Snowden leaks as well as  growing support from headlines created by politicians like Rand Paul and his class-action lawsuit, Diana Orrock will once again ask the RNC to request that Republican lawmakers support the effort to renounce the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance program.

When I asked Diana if the RNC missed an opportunity to get out in front and lead on this issue, she responded, "Even though the resolution, as originally presented, could have been easily revised and adopted at the 2013 Summer Meeting, yes....the RNC missed a big opportunity to take charge and lead on this particular issue."

She says she has resubmitted this Resolution for consideration "because in these times of losing a little bit more of our freedom incrementally every day, we must continue to fight for and protect our constitutionally guaranteed 1st and 4th Amendment rights. I will never be content to trade my constitutional rights for what the government wants us to believe is security. Let's call this what it is: The government wants to control every aspect of our lives and can't do that unless they have total access to all that we do and say, 24/7, a total loss of privacy."

The Nevada National Committeewoman has not taken this second attempt lightly, she submitted the resolution in time for the upcoming winter meeting with 12 co-sponsors.  This will ensure that it will be heard publicly before the general session, bypassing last year's hurdle: the Resolutions Committee.

While the RNC missed a great opportunity to lead the way against the continued unconstitutional surveillance of Americans home and abroad months ago, there is little doubt that it's time to play catch-up.

I encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue to contact their State RNC Representatives and ask them to support Diana Orrock's resolution being presented this week in D.C.

* It is unknown if Senator Paul will lend his name in support of this measure when these resolutions are being heard later this week in D.C..  - Calls to his office have been made and we are awaiting word back. As soon as we have any details we will update this post.


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Call Rand Paul!

Via Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Diana Orrock

"Talked to Senator Paul's office this morning and was referred to one of his staffers, Brian Darling, who is working with the senator on the NSA issue. I wrote him an email, making my appeal for the senator's co-sponsorship of my resolution, which I attached in the email. Since time is of the essence (Winter Meeting starts tomorrow), I hope to hear back, but will call again this afternoon if I don't hear back by then."