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Complete History and Timeline of RNC Rules Fight Since Tampa

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This week RNC representatives from across the Country will once again convene to make some course-changing decisions on the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominating process.

These new rule changes, which were released in a vague email to RNC members are possible due to the illegitimate passing of Rule 12 at the 2012 Republican National Convention and will ensure that voting Republicans will have no choice outside of the establishment backed Presidential candidate in 2016. The delegates chosen for the National Convention will have been hand picked by the party elites presumptive nominee and will again control the only avenue of bottom-up change in the party. Furthermore, the opportunity for any candidate to gain the necessary support to have their name submitted as a prospective party nominee will be virtually impossible to reach.

This is not speculation, this is what the grassroots of the Republican party has been attempting to correct ever since the 2012 Ginsberg power grab and ill-fated call of John Boehner at the Republican National Convention.

The neglect of proper parliamentary procedure at the 2012 Republican National Convention has left party members working within an atmosphere characterized by intense friction among factions, and a large body of grassroots activists feeling as though the Republican National Committee continues to operate as a “production,” with predetermined outcomes, rather than an assembly meant to serve as a forum for input from the bottom-up. The disparaged morale of the republican grassroots resulted in a devastating outcome during the 2012 general election, the effects of which we still suffer today.

In the midst of these changes in August 2012, Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh voiced his concern on this attack, "The purpose of the rules change is to eliminate any influence of Tea Party activists or grassroots people or conservatives, essentially, from having any power at future conventions... Why does the establishment want control of the delegates.  And, folks, it's very simple. The establishment Republicans want to kick the conservatives out of the party.  They don't want the conservatives having any say-so in the party whatsoever."

Since then, establishment Republicans have waged outright war on conservatives within the party and party leadership's broken promises of fairness and transparency have already motivated a substantial number of Republican activists to unenroll. Those at the very top of the RNC have continued to wield and concentrate their power and control. Rule 12 has afforded the RNC the luxury of time to ensure that they will not have a repeat of 2012 now having totalitarian control of the debates, the nomination process, the delegates, committee members and the flow of information.

Every opportunity that the rules allow for bottom-up participation within the party have been usurped and either placed out of reach or behind closed doors.  Over the past 2 years, the RNC has dismissed four Resolutions addressing the 2012 Rules, refusing to discuss the manner by which they were adopted and the future role of Delegates at National Conventions. Over this same period, RNC leadership has closed the doors on calls and promises of transparency and ignored all opposition to the further consolidation of decision making in fewer and fewer hands.

If just 126 members of the Republican National Committee follow the unanimous 17 member subcommittee on Rules recommendations during the general session when they meet this Friday in Washington, D.C., it will be the first time in history that so few people with such little input will have been able to significantly change the RNC Rules and Nominating Process. Virtually, removing all input from the base and lifeblood of the Republican party.

Based upon RNC leaderships past track record, I predict an unrecorded, unaccountable, favorable vote which will most certainly cripple any potential 2016 grassroots Presidential candidate. Little can be done now to stop this from occurring but for the record, a great deal was done to try and prevent this from ever happening.

January 2014 - RNC Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C.

December 2013 - 2nd RNC Subcommittee on Rules meeting in D.C.

November 2013 - 1st RNC Subcommittee on Rules meeting in D.C.

August 2013 - RNC Summer Meeting in Boston

July 2013 -  Grassroots Action Alert

April 2013 - RNC Spring Meeting in Los Angeles


Feburary 2013 - Open Letter to Reince Priebus
January 2013 - RNC Winter Meeting in North Carolina

August 2012 - Republican National Convention 
We all know what happened in Tampa, but for a reminder:


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What's that old saying about

What's that old saying about "Fool me once....." Rules are only as good as the commitment to follow them. When they stole the nomination from Ron Paul we saw how the GOP will suspend their rules at the drop of a hat when it is expedient to do so to protect their status quo. Therefore the rules they make and the rules committees are irrelevant, which in turn makes the GOP irrelevant. They will NEVER regain my trust. The GOP is dead to me.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

The only way to take fix this

is to stick to the plan. Become a PC, get all open positions available to be of like minded PCs and take back the party. I can be done if people would engage! Two elections cycles could do it.

You are correct but you will

You are correct but you will not find many who will act on it. It would only take a small number of people in every county to take over either the Republican or Democrat Parties but they won't do it. We tried, and so have many others. People just don't give a damn.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Leave the GOP permanently

The Grand Old Pricks can lose every election from here on out.
vote today against corruption and tyranny:

Leave the Dems <> Leave the Repubs

Can't someone just hack

the voting system in our favor this time? Or we just go through the motions of another bought and paid for election.

"I know you boys like em sloppy". The Lunch Lady

So, 2012: Rules in place for

2012: Rules in place for delegates to make nominations from the floor, "in the opinion of the chair...", Paul delegates screwed.
In 2012, they had rules that allowed for Ron to be nominated.

2016: The rules to allow for a "Ron Paul" type to be nominated (if overturned or changes not adopted) probably wont even exist. So then you have an even smaller chance to win in "their game". As long as people like McConnell, Boehner, and Preibus are in power, none of this will change. They think it is humorous that us peons are protesting. Aside from Maine, Iowa, and Nevada, how many state chairs will protest? Zero. Those 3 states will be denuded any ways for dissenting in the first place.

Southern Agrarian

leave the party

If these rules are enacted, it seems that the Ron Paul Republicans will have no choice but to leave the party. In fact, I suspect people will be leaving in droves. Is there any other choice? It seems that this will weaken the party to the point of extinction. Good…let it die.

Leaving the party is exactly what they want

With the two party system there is no place for the small government conservatives. Both parties are growing government, so as long as they have a monopoly (duopoly), you are right, there is no other choice.

There is another choice.

There is another choice. Nullification. Do not participate in their system on any level. Do not comply. Educate others to do the same. Make them irrelevant.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Want to try to change these Rules? Then help elect Pat Kerby!!!!

Pat Kerby is running for National Committeeman in Nevada. James Smack is stepping down, but he has endorsed Pat, as has Diana Orrock, our National Committeewoman. If you want someone who will energetically try to turn the GOP around, and get it back on a Liberty course, then please send Pat a few bucks to fund his campaign. The election is Feb. 15 & he has two opponents who would just toe the Priebus line if elected. The grassroots cannot be shut out if we want any hope of nominating Rand! You know what to do!

Anyone know what's going down in Iowa today?

I heard the governor there is up to hijinks.



by this article it seems any future delegates are grabbing their ankles and exhaling.

Southern Agrarian

What a great post!

Thanks B!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Wow great job! This should be

Wow great job!

This should be stickyed somewhere.

It is currently posted on

It is currently posted on www.LibertyRoll.com and will soon be posted on www.RNCPointsofOrder.com