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Obamacare.gov: Expert Hacker Grabs 70K Documents in Under 4 Minutes :)

heh-heh can't stop giggling...
“And 70,000 was just one of the numbers that I was able to go up to and I stopped after that,” Full Article Here

►Oh and btw.. You ARE giving up all your privacy rights too! :)


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Please Change Title

I thought this was a JOKE.

It really is about Healthcare.gov being INSECURE. People need to know this.

Obamination Care

that's pretty much it!


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Oh! Now that's news, folks.

Oh! Now that's news, folks.

So, turns out those websites and the data they hold actually are about promoting a "marketplace".

Not quite of the kind that was intended by Big O's design, nor as advertised, but hey, that's a beginning!

Don't be picky.

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The States Need to Lock the Door

If I understood that correctly, it doesn't matter whether you sign up, or not: the site gives access to all your information over at the IRS, etc.

I imagine all they have to do is replicate the process that lets the linked sites give information out and the hackers would have access to everything the government knows about us.

The states need to isolate their servers from the Federal system or risk a major breach.

Oh, the irony, that government should finally start making headway on centralized "real ID" "papers" and shoot themselves in the foot so thoroughly. Once all social security numbers are compromised, those numbers will lose all value, just like FRNs do.

They'll have to junk the system and come up with what? Tattoos? subcutaneous RFID? Yikes.

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I heard that you can sign up

I heard that you can sign up for Medicare and you don't even have to provide proof of income or anything else anymore.

So I have always wondered how

So I have always wondered how they could figure out who had insurance and who didn't so that they could start penalizing you. Obviously if you sign up for insurance they know who has it, because it links with your irs documents. But if you never sign up for it. How do they know Joe Schmoe doesn't have it?

"and the truth shall make you free"
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Rule #1

You have a right to remain silent.

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I actually pondered this the

I actually pondered this the other day.

If the penalty for not having insurance is a fine, then is it a criminal offence? So you should have the right to a trial and the government has to prove with a reasonable doubt that you dont. And if you are innocent until proven guilty and have fifth and sixth amendment rights, what court will oversee all those trials?

It will probably be dealt

It will probably be dealt with in a civil court, like most cases the IRS brings.

Sometimes I Wish I Was an Attorney

These questions are fun.

I rather imagine it will be like parking tickets: no jury allowed. The IRS will be able to prevent employers from giving you your pay.

Also, this question was talked about in the Supreme Court decision: is it a fine or a tax? I don't recall how the argument was decided.

We already have the forfeiture "laws" (unlawful, but used), and garnishment of wages.

"How much will the American voter tolerate?" is probably the biggest question. We outnumber Congress and the IRS put together.

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The debate centered around

The debate centered around that since it was a tax, it was constitutional. The problem was that since the bill came from the senate, it was unconstitutional because only the house can create new taxes but that didn't stop the traitor Roberts.

I am actually in the process of trying to go to leave school.

They got around that part of

They got around that part of the constitution by the Senate taking the bill that the House came up with, and then introducing an amendment that stripped the entirety of the bill, to replace it with the Senate version. Then the house voted for that version of it.

Crazy, I know.