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Red wine and chocolate could fight type 2 diabetes, research says

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I Mix A Teaspoon Cinnamon In My Coffee Once A Day Everyday

According to a bay area local TV medical doctor, Dr. Rosenthal, says one can also mix a teaspoon of cinnamon everyday day in a drink of your choice (non alcoholic).. He also suggested eating a good helping of raw organic almonds everyday to help prevent the onset of diabetes. (Dr. Rosenthal says his wife is a diabetic)

** Note: Of course there are genetic considerations or genetic proclivities to consider here. Consult an expert for an accurate list of other food stuffs that could help reduce or prevent the onset or effects of diabetes..I wouldn't eat a dozen jelly donuts everyday and expect that one could not become a diabetic as well. So, diet considerations are important as well as adding some of the food stuffs recommended by diabetic medical expert or doctor..

Above all stay away from diet sodas or food stuffs containing Apertame.. (Better know as Nutrasweet) as this poison can bring on and make worse diabetes..

Dr. Betty Martini on Aspertame

There is no genetic component to diabetes.

It usually a malnutrition disease.

Recent studies suggest that it may be linked to a mycoplasma infection. Cinnamon can help the body thwart the infection but it cannot remedy the malnutrition.

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Diabetes Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3

Diabetes Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3

Type 1 diabetes results from destruction of the pancreatic beta cells. Here, insulin is required for survival.

Type 2, also called adult-onset that accounts for 90% of diabetes cases, results largely from too much sugars in the body that may accrue from eating fatty foods and less active lifestyles.

Type 3 diabetes also called malnutrition diabetes is worrying health experts. The disease is predominant in sub-Saharan Africa, says Dr. Meredith Hawkins, a medicine professor and the global diabetes initiative director at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York.

Type 3 has raised concern amongst local health gurus considering that 31% of Ugandans or 9.3 million live below the poverty line.This means many secretly suffer from malnutrition and the fact that the bigger percentage of Ugandans comprises young people.

“This is a paradox,” she says. “I thought only overweight people suffer from diabetes, but it is prevalent even in thin Ugandans from rural areas."

It presents itself like Type 1. Its cause is still unclear, but stress and poverty have been pointed out as factors for its cause. Uganda, DR Congo and Niger hospitals are currently grappling with this new type.


Doctors can't figure out what Veterinarians knew back in 1958.

That is a paradox.

Type 1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_K._Bernstein

Dr Bernstein received gamma globulin transfusion and started making insulin for the first time in 50 years. His doctor said it was common in type 1 diabetics.

That strongly suggests an immune deficiency preventing proper management of an infection.

Build a healthy immune system requires 60 trace minerals and 30 co-factors.

My son was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2005.

My interest is personal. I didn't recognize the warning signs 30 years ago. His ADHD and night terrors were a Vanadium deficiency.When he became chromium deficient diabetes set-in.

He has improved his circumstance considerably.

The nutritional cure takes 90 day at healing doses of nutrients. 150% of the maintenance dose.

And eliminating food that will inhibit healing: plant oils, fried foods, nitrates and nitrites and cured meats.

Including plants with antioxidents to clean up free radicals that damage everything. Turmeric, resveratol, Quercetin, Chocolate just to name a few.

This is patently false: "90% of diabetes cases, results largely from too much sugars in the body that may accrue from eating fatty foods and less active lifestyles."

As Americans ate less eggs an butter, the rate of diabetes increased.

Sugar and plant oils filled the calorie gap increasing the load on the minerals needed for carbohydrate metabolism.

Plant oils oxidize into trans fats over time. I suspect that is a factor as well as a lack of omega-3 oils to make insulin receptors.

That my story.

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I agree, no aspartame.

In carbonated beverages that reduce stomach acid strength prevents absorption of 60 essential minerals.

900 different diseases can result.

How pure is the aspartame? The active ingredient of Agent Orange is non-toxic. But pruification to remove toxins chemically created during manufacture is costly. It was to sprayed on jungles.

Aspartame is also made in a chemical vat and needs to be purified to be remove toxins. But that's costly.

Instead, I recommend 90 essential nutrients, maybe the craving for sweet taste is a sign of mal-nutrition.

Its easy to prove.

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So I should be in good shape then



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The cure for diabetes was known for animals in 1958.

Studies in 1964 linked adult onset diabetes to a deficiency of chromium and vanadium which could be cured by remedying the deficiency.

More recently it's been found.

Iodine and zinc are needed by the Pancreas to make insulin.

Omega-3 Essential fatty acid was discovered to be the building blocks for insulin receptors.

Our diets are rich in omega-6 plant oil. Without insulin receptors the brain can only feed on alcohol or saturated fatty acid esters.

Red wine and chocolate will not remedy diabetes, but it will help feed a hungry brain.

Add 1,000mg a day of Omega-3 oil and eliminate plant oils. The ideal ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 is 2:1.

If you want to live to 100 in a healthy way, eat no fried foods, either.

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Now you won't be able to keep us away.

I'm looking forward to visiting when you get it all set up!

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Such good news

Here is another article on the subject:


or just type the title of the post into Google to see the Financial Times article.

I loved red wine and chocolate, so this news makes me quite happy.

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