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Who is the best candidate for Texas AG?

"I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home."
-current Attorney General Greg Abbott

Per the Texas Constitution:
"Sec. 22. ATTORNEY GENERAL. The Attorney General shall represent the State in all suits and pleas in the Supreme Court of the State in which the State may be a party, and shall especially inquire into the charter rights of all private corporations, and from time to time, in the name of the State, take such action in the courts as may be proper and necessary to prevent any private corporation from exercising any power or demanding or collecting any species of taxes, tolls, freight or wharfage not authorized by law. He shall, whenever sufficient cause exists, seek a judicial forfeiture of such charters, unless otherwise expressly directed by law, and give legal advice in writing to the Governor and other executive officers, when requested by them, and perform such other duties as may be required by law. "

The candidates are:

Dan Branch http://www.danbranch.com
Ken Paxton http://kenpaxton.com
Barry Smitherman http://www.barryfortexas.com

To watch the recent forum with these candidates in Denton County scroll to the 1:03 mark on this video.

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Paxton had more supporters

but I think Smitherman did better in the debate. He showed conviction. I think an AG needs spunk and clarity.

But Smitherman keeps putting forth a law enforcement image that looks police state. For example, he sent out a flyer with a photo of him shaking hands with the cops and a new SUV in the background.

Trust me not Ken Paxton

He paints himself Tea Party but it is the Santorum strain. His Huckabee and Santorum endorsements is what has emboldened him to keep running for higher office. He is an opportunist and no friend to liberty.

I know directly that he has not kept personal promises--he is duplicitous. Examine his voting record don't go along simply because he has self identified as a Tea Party guy.

Ken Paxton.

I have not seen the video yet, but from what I know of the three I think Ken Paxton is the best choice. NOT Dan Branch! I have seen Tea Party people call Smitherman "Slitherman" on facebook. But I don't know a whole lot about him.