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Ron Paul on MLK inconsistent? This Daily Beast contributor does:


"Ron Paul has not always had kind things to say about MLK.

Ron Paul often boasts of his consistency. But there’s one opinion that has evolved substantially over the past two decades, and that is Paul’s position on Martin Luther King, whose birthday is commemorated today. Just one more reminder over what was said then, and what is being said now....."

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I was gonna post this comment, but I don't have a DB account

If someone here has a DailyBeast account and wants to post my comment under that article, please feel free to do so. Here's the comment:

"Those early quotes were from those News letters they keep bringing up for the last 20 years. Guess what? Ron Paul did not write those. And btw, it is relevant if King had ties to socialists or communists. Affirmative Action is a form of socialism, and has not proved to be effective in providing real opportunity and wealth to the Black community, or even for very many individuals. If the rumors of his sexual exploitations are true, I can see why someone would not want to emulate the man.

That said, MLK's message was one of peace, equality for every individual under the law, and justice. Those are all things Ron Paul stands for, consistently.

Also, people have the right to accurately view and portray real individuals in history as the true persons they were. MLK is not an idol to be worshipped, but he was a real man with real flaws. His flaws can be pointed out as not to be followed, without making the critic a traitor to the good ideals the individual preached. Thomas Jefferson is often pointed a for his own hypocrisy, being a slave owner who preached "All men are created equal." We can criticize Jefferson the man without criticizing Jefferson's ideals.

And Ron Paul is still 1000% less racist than Obama, and would've made a much better President."

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Posted for you but cleaned up

Posted for you but cleaned up a little :)

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I saw that you changed it a little and added a few lines and I'm fine with it. Thanks.

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Wow David Frum wrote this...

I would never have known. Why is it that on a day meant to commemorate MLK David Frum has nothing better to write about than Ron Paul.

Just goes to show how far the hatred this one note "columnist" has.

What a joke!

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It is more of

those newsletters being rehashed. Although the writer at the beast doesn't say so. he just shares quotes without context as if they are from speeches or something.

Duh, the writer is David Frum, Neo-Con extraordinaire. Mt Frum is an enthusiastic interventionist. For Frum an idle bomb is a terrible waste. War mongers always seem to have problem with the good doctor.

MLK was not a perfect man and his economic ideas were Marxist in nature. That aside he took action, committed to non-violence, and showed people that peaceful change is possible if enough are willing to pay the price.

IF in the early 60s there were 500 channels on Cable MLK might not be a household name today. Luckily there were only two networks at the start of the decade with a third coming on line shortly.


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I wouldn't use a printed Daily Beast as toilet paper.

As superstitious as I can be sometimes, I wouldn't use a printed Daily Beast as toilet paper.

I heard that getting raped is a much unpleasant experience.

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Ron Paul was aware that MLK had a darkside not due to skin color

Thanks for posting your story. Stefan Molyneux covers what Ron Paul has said and a lot more.