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I'm Speechless: Michelle Obama In Miami Heat Video - On Taxpayers' Dime

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I dislike O as much as the

I dislike O as much as the next guy, but there really is nothing ghetto about this. Furthermore, the title and post in general serve no purpose but to discredit the dp, it's posters, and paulians as a whole.

You're right TJV123

I changed the title.

She looks fat to me.

Maybe she should practice what she is a preaching!


Whose the fucking troll?

Michelle Obama is overweight and I challenge you to reveal who is the clown who down voted me. This is getting absurd.


What's ghetto about it?

I don't really see your point here.

freedom1776, I'm overly critical of this woman. So...

I jump on the slightest flaw I can find.
She doesn't a have a chance with me.

I'm talking about the part of the video where she dunks the ball and goes, "Oooooooo!"

There's no way Michelle Obama would ever get these players to pose with her if she didn't wield the power of the White House.

She abuses her privilege of being First Lady for her personal agenda(s).
And all of her abuses cost taxpayers extreme amounts of money. Meanwhile everything she and her husband do and promote whittles away at many Americans' freedom and prosperity.
That's my point.

Its just not a social precedent I would set

its not...presidential.

leaves a bad taste in my mouth. something no other first lady could do

We all thought they couldnt become philosophical, which is fine, then Eleanor Roosevelt came along.

We all thought they would never use their relationship with the president for political gaing, but then Hilary happened.

Now they are becoming clowns in the White House...no dignity

Moochelle had a big grin

I guess when the taxpayers help subsidize your roughly month-long trip to Hawaii and your "job" is to hang out w/ the rich and famous promoting obvious stuff ("Eat healthy! Move around!") then why not have a big smile. And even if this video was filmed before her Hawaii trip (which it probably was), the same general theme still fully applies.

I wonder if the First Lady is going

to give women financial advice in the next three years.
I'd like to see her role model that one.