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Idea: Tax Deduction For Volunteer Work

How about a movement to institute a tax deduction for volunteer work.

There are deductions for charitable contributions in the form of cash or even a bag of clothes to the Goodwill Store. So why not some deduction for one's time given to charity?

I think it would be a sympathetic cause. Rich people have money to give. What people with less money often have to give is time. And of course time is money.

As this would be a deduction for the poor and the middle class, and would reward those who give back to their communities, I think it could have broad appeal to those of all political persuasions.

What do you think? Anyone interested in helping to push for such a deduction?

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Eliminate taxes and deductions become unnecessary

The days of "new tax deductions" are over.

From now on there will only be tax hikes. You can be sure of this with the $80 Trillion of unfunded and rising liabilities.


Agreed that the unethical

Agreed that the unethical practice of taxation should be abolished, while I make the case that public Trusts can be established where citizenry can exercise their prerogative to fund what they believe has value (or not), and to exercise their conscience (inc. schools or hospitals rather than unjust wars or abusive departments etc).

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