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Michael Lotfi NSA nullification - 7pm EST - Allison Bricker Show

LIVE! 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central On Daily Paul Radio

Tonight on the show, Mr. Michael Lotfi from BenSwann.com joins me to discuss the latest developments regarding states nullifying the NSA and marijuana.

Peace, Love, or rEVOLution!

Listen via iTunes or Winamp: iTunes/Winamp stream

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Press 1 to access the media
Then press 2 to access the Daily Paul Radio Broadcast

The Allison Bricker Show
7pm - 9pm EST

Toll Free:(888) 252-9911
Twitter: @theABshow

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LittleWing's picture

Tuned in now!

Thanks for the reminder!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

radio bump!

2.5 hrs from now....

Excellent Alison...

couldn't be more timely... looking forward to it!

Be sure to ask Lofti this:
►What FORCE, What threats...(real threats/not lawsuits) to the States passing/enacting any 10th Am/Centr type legislation (other than marijuana) do you think they're likely to face?
I assume Fed funding will be on the table...
what else?
I mean... turning off electricity is a flip of a switch... turning off water is the twist of a valve...
what happens next? (your best guess Mr. Lofti :) )

Thanks Alison...
PS... MODS: Please front page this... let's pin this one to the TOP..(awww... pretty pls? :)