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Bill Gates Says Government Spying Isn’t Always Bad (video)

Bill Gates has strong opinions when it comes to world poverty, but the tech titan-turned-philanthropist takes the middle ground on government spying.

Speaking with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos in an interview set to air on Tuesday, Gates said the U.S. needs to strike a balance between protecting citizens’ privacy and identifying national security threats.

“At the end of the day...we want to stop terrorism, we want to see if someone’s talking about nuclear weapons, or bioterrorism or various bad things,” Gates said. “So it’s not as though government surveillance is absolutely bad in all cases…I think it’s a valuable debate and I do think we can balance the two goals.”

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What? Me Worry?


Who gives a shit what Bill Gates says!!!He is one of the worste of them!!!He owns the controlling shares of mansanto & is 100% behind agenda 21......He wants to kill us people.He thinks we are using HIS resources & eating HIS food.So I say again.....who gives a shit what Bill Gates says!!!!


But the more of this type of news on him, the more he looks bad. Microsoft sucks anyways, always has.