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WA 4th CD Representative Doc Hastings on Funding Domestic Spying by the NSA

Gavin Seim is a 28 year old congressional candidate from Central Washington, challenging the 9-term incumbent Rep. Doc Hastings (R) for WA 4th District US Congress.

Here's what happened when Gavin called into a Yakima radio show and challenged Doc on voting record regarding the NSA and the against the Amash Amendments.


I am sure many of us here enjoy a LIBERTY underdog... a constitutional fighter... and a bit of political scrapper. Exactly why I couldn't wait to introduce the audience of the Daily Paul to Mr. Gavin Seim... This video gave me a great opportunity to do just that.

Who is Gavin Seim?

Gavin is that guy that was home schooled – That owns a small business – That has a wife and three kids – Gavin is that patriot that loves people getting excited about justice — The one that never stops exploring – Gavin is an American and he loves liberty!

Doc Hastings has been lockstep and unconstitutionally aligned with establishment republicans for over 18 years. His voting record puts him against the US Constitution on issues like the NSA, CISPA, NDAA, FISA, and NO FREE SPEECH ZONE. Gavin has had enough of it and is courageously stepping forward to do something about it.


Please consider spreading the word about Gavin Seim and/or contributing to his campaign.

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Thank you so much for posting.

I just mentioned him in the Liberty Candidate thread. Jurgs01 runs the thread, along with candidates4liberty.com If you know of any more Liberty Candidates, drop their names here, Michael Delavar is already listed: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

Thank you so much for forwarding.

Collaborative voluntary efforts like this make the grassroots possible. Thanks A TON!!

You Betcha'!

The time has come for the internet grassroots to learn about local candidates. And give a darn!


Also please support Michael Delavar for 3rd Congressional Dist

who is also challenging a fellow Republican incumbent as well.



Absolutely.. lets make changes in the 3rd and the 4th.

Lets get to cleaning house for LIBERTY!

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