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The border security apparatus

Every politician has a plan for combating illegal immigration. None of them ever seem to really accomplish anything outside of spending money. And though many of us disagree over war, welfare, abortion, etc. we seem to just accept this need to secure our borders.

What exactly are we securing the border from anyways?
When you come up empty handed doesn't it makes you wonder what is the real purpose?

From the many miles of fence that must be maintained and repaired almost daily at enormous costs, to the dozens of Border Patrol Stations each costing us tens of millions to build and millions more to maintain, to the salaries of the numerous Federal Border Agents, to the salaries of Army Corp Planners, we pay a lot of money to accomplish this goal of "securing the border".

Maybe you noticed a large cost that I forgot. What about the millions if not billions spent on drones and other surveillance technology used to "secure the border"?

It leaves me wondering if the notion of "securing our borders" isn't really as much about keeping out Mexicans as it is about finding a program that the majority of Americans support that can be used to funnel heavy investments into surveillance technology.

I mean how often do we hear anyone question why we must enforce this arbitrary line in the sand anyways?

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