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2 months ill!

I would like to share with you all the events of the last two months of my life. I share this with you all as I know my experience is not an isolated one. I have been pretty quiet here as of late and the events of the last couple weeks have really seen to it such a fact.

I posted here back in December regarding the onset of what was initially diagnosed as tennis elbow/bursitis of the elbow brought on by an old injury. This diagnosis was recorded mid-December by my doctor's assistant. At the onset of this condition I was told I could not see my PCP until April as he was booked until such time. After a couple more weeks of continued strain and swelling of my elbow I returned December 28, 2013 to see the NP (as once again, my PCP was unavailable) due to increased pain and stiffness.

I was told that this was not an injury, rather an arthritic flare up and that in consideration of my past dealings with Rheumatoid Arthritis from the age of 5, it was highly likely this issue with my elbow was related to such condition. I was referred to the same Rheumatologist that I had seen three years prior, which was also the last time I went to a medical professional for my condition.

(Let me say that I more than less gave up on the medical industry to treat me. After 27 years of Sulfasalazine, Methotrexate, Enbrel and a number of other "remedial" treatments, I left the initial consultation with this rheumatologist with a head held low in defeat and a feeling that I wasn't meant to get any better by those who had for 27 years claimed they could make me so.)

I waited another 3 weeks without any contact from this rheumatologist in order to set an appointment. I was told that they would contact me to schedule the appointment. The thing that really irritated me is that this referral was expedited/urgent. I suppose it wasn't urgent enough. As of about a 10 days ago I called to check up on this referral with my PCP and advised them to alter the referral to a different rheumatologist that was recommended by family. I was told the referral would be changed and I would be contacted shortly.

As of three days ago, upon checking back with my PCP (assistant) I was told the referral was never placed and there was no record of my request! But not to worry, they've placed it again. As of a week ago, my condition has taken a much more serious turn. I have developed severe pain in both shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers and even in my neck to an extent. But not to worry, the rheumatologist only has to receive the referral and I'll be set to go right away, right?

Today was the glimmer of hope I had been seeking. I met with my PCP upon request, as apparently when making a request for time off work, the PCP had to see me to test my "pain level" and write the note for leave from work. The same PCP who was unavailable 2 months ago, was suddenly available once my request for time off work was sent up the line. Funny how that works, isn't it?

I spoke at some length with him today and told him about my dietary changes three years ago, that I adopted a Vegan diet, cut out all soda, ended my dance with medication and took it upon myself to research and learn about Organic, non-GMO foods in order to heal myself. To my surprise he commended me for taking such a route and advised me to continue it. I told him I had no interest in pain medication or prescription medications and he very agreeably declined those and instead advised me to stay on my regiment of Ibuprofen and newly administered Honey/Cinnamon drink daily and supplementation of Milk Thistle.

I was advised he would expedite the referral immediately and his willingness to give me time off for rest and administering of my natural remedies was earnestly done. I must say that the consultation I had today merited some trust in a formerly disgusted view of the medical industry. His willingness to talk about the adverse, inflammatory effects of animal proteins, fats and products really hit home and gave a sense of revival to my choice to become Vegan over two years ago.

For now, I am still waiting. Two months of spreading pain, all the more severe at times, and all I can do is trust in myself to remedy the condition afflicting me. I will see to it that I do not become a statistic in the Big Pharma cycle and a number routinely seen in order to grovel and beg for Big Medicine to save me.

Pain doesn't hurt. I can think of nothing that would hurt worse than becoming just another patient of the industry that for two months has delivered to me three different diagnoses, two remedies one of which is all to familiar and has managed to up until today frustrate and discourage a man from searching and listening to his own intuition in order to cure his own ailments.

Peace and Love always.