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Video: 'Rejected' Super Bowl Ad: Daniel Defense Firearms

Said it didn't 'test well'... uh-huh.. Mr Colion Noir speaks some common sense.
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Just a reminder that "censorship" violates our rights when the government does it, but is perfectly appropriate when done by individuals in the free market.

To the degree that television stations are quasi-government-owned, it gets murky, but they're not obligated to take every commercial offered to them.

I'm more bothered by the exclusion of my candidates from debates.

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This was great. Thanks for

This was great. Thanks for posting.

Loved the comments afterwards

The commercial had a good message, but the production quality seemed sub-par for superbowl.

Aren't Super Bowl commercials 30 secs.

If the this was much shorter and to the point, I think it would be watchable.

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It "didn't test well"

with the PTB...