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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bitcoin, in One Convenient Podcast!

If you’ve ever been curious about what this “Bitcoin” is that all those darn libertarian kids are talking bout, look no further than this brand-spankin’ new episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast! This week, host Marc Clair is joined by Trace Mayer , author, entrepreneur, monetary scientist and expert on Bitcoin, the intriguing new digital currency . Trace breaks down exactly what a Bitcoin is, the advantages of using Bitcoin over other currencies, and responds to many common criticisms, including those of Gary North and Peter Schiff.

After listening to this show, I personally guarantee you’ll know more about Bitcoin than any other kid on the block!

For more information on the Lions of Liberty Podcast, get over here!

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great interview, Trace Mayer is a bitcoin bad ass!

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Thanks, Chris!

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This was the first explanation of Bitcoin I have heard. Created a lot of questions for me, but I guess that's how we learn.


Oh bitcoin

God speed, ye digital currency