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If You Don't Like Waiting In Line

Or Waiting for much of anything for that matter. Doctors offices, dentists, etc... I have found that the quickest way for the line to move is to make sure you have a book to read with you (presumably one that you really enjoy reading!). For the last few years I have found that I have hardly had to wait for much of anything as long as I've had a book with me to read. In fact I've hardly gotten more than 2 or 3 pages at the most!!. As soon I've gotten started more than likely they are all ready for me. It's almost gotten to the point of frustration. I don't understand why, when before, I had to wait loads of time and now that I have something I'd like to read I can barely get a page in.
In fact this is how well it works. For the first time in years I've had to wait for almost 30 minutes for something very trivial at the DMV, it was just a copy of my registration. And do you know why I had to wait so long? You guessed it, I looked into my backpack and there were no books to be found.
So there you have it. Carry a book you'd like to read and all of sudden lines and waiting times seem to vanish. Forget your book and all of sudden "Oh if you could just wait here, it will only be about 1/2 an hour." It's ridiculous. And sort of amazing at the same time too.

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indeed is how I've survived grading dozens of homework assignments within short deadlines.

As an early KISS fan too, I remember Gene Simmons saying that he didn't even like to visit the pot without a pen and paper.. now that's a work ethic!

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I think you just found a reality hack.

Call it "Murphy's Decoy".

Place something (a decoy) in front of what you don't want to go wrong, and the decoy will go wrong instead.

Web surfing really makes the time fly

and if you flash it around a little, good chance some people will give-up their spot by leaving.

I make myself laugh SO HARD.


best way to do the chores

Is to put on some headphones with a good audiobook.

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LOL...man have you been living in my world?

I know exactly what you're saying. I bought a HTC One and loaded it with e-books for 6 months now for the exact reason you gave.

I haven't gotten through 20 pages of the first one.

kept me sane..

,,when working in & out-side the DC (District of Criminals) beltway..
if i held the book on the steering wheel, i had just enough peripheral vision to move forward at 1-3 inches every few minutes.
got 20 to 30 pages read at times...afa traffic, its the worst!

(california hiways have traffic too, but they do not s l o w down)

I can actually back this up.

I can actually back this up. It really is weird. I recently went to the DMV and decided to bring a magazine this time. I couldnt even get off a single page before they called my number!
I need to bring something to the doctors next. Everytime I end up waiting at least 15min.

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