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Time for my nightly dream session

the embarrassing admission thread.

I had a dream last night, brief though it was, that I had three top originals at once. The dream was one of those rare dreams that has strangely logical elements. The ones which bounce off your fuzzy brain in the moments before waking, as you drift in and out of sleep in the early morning haze, which are not complete madness.

I don't remember the dream details, and never do with semi rational dreams, but I came away with some good ideas before getting on with the day and losing all trace of the information my subconscious provided me.

My father used to tell us how he would wake with brilliant ideas and forget them, and so started to keep a pad around. I don't remember what became of the pad or the ideas, but I imagine the rationality of daylight or its modesty rendered the wild ideas of the night unpalatable to his day time consciousness.

We should not dismiss lightly what our dreams tell us in the dark.

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I rarely remember any dreams anymore

I used to have flying dreams frequently as a kid....always flying over a flooded area trying to figure out how to save people.

When I do remember dreams either they are repetitive of some continuing storyline and I wake up in that half awake haze rethinking what is going on in the dream...or they are very vivid. The very vivid ones tend to come to to real life later and that is kind of spooky. Once in a while I get visits in my dreams from spirits of people who have just died (before I know they died).

I do have a notepad by my bed. I will try and remember to write anything vivid or any fun ideas down in the future. I wrote some interesting ones down in my early 20s. I should try to find that.

You know --

there's something to that. When I was up late doing physics or calculus homework, sometimes I'd get stuck on the math and my brain would just be too tired to go on; so I'd fall asleep, but my subconscious self would keep working the problem in bizarre ways in my dreams, and a good number of times I'd wake up with the solution -- to my relief if the paper was due that morning. :)

I have no idea how or why,

I have no idea how or why, but the dreams know the truth. They tell you what you will deny to yourself all day long... Beats me.

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Get that pad back by the bedside!

And make this dream come true!!!

I want to see it happen also. Use the power of your subconscious mind to make it happen.

While I liked your last one, Thoughts on Freedom..., it reminded me of my Observations on Fight Club. There were nuggets in there, but it was too long and unfocused.

These were my brutal comments on my own thread, which I think are something to keep in mind. People have short attention spans.

I liked the way yours started out, but the questions overwhelmed me. Its like it needs to be a little more bite sized. You know what the internet is doing to our brains, don't you?

Anyway, just some friendly advice. Do with it what you will.

But keep that pad by the bedside. Father knows best. The rationality of the daytime is like disinfectant to creativity.

Save the ideas! Thanks Bill, for hanging around.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Haha, ya

When I set pen to paper on a long, cumbersome, self indulgent post like the one you generously frontpaged, I haven't the foggiest notion it will be on the front page.

When I get home, see it on the sidebar, embarrassed, I rush to edit it into something resembling a concise post. I need to get better at taking the kernel of the points from the rambling, meandering flow of thoughts and posting that instead of the original which is the size of three posts.

If we could just see our self in front of our self, and kick our reflection about 45 feet away from us to see it how it looks to someone else, we'd know what flesh needs to be surgically excised and made into cheap soap and which needs to remain...

Let's do this!