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Rand Paul's name

Anyone know if Ron named his son Rand as a tribute to Ayn Rand? I'm not saying I think it's the case btw. I'm just wondering since its at least an interesting coincidence

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Let me google that for you


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You could spend 7 seconds and

You could spend 7 seconds and search google and find out that his birth name was RANDAL and Rand is short for that. And it was in no relation to Ayn Rand.

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I could've but...

...the name "Randal" could've been chosen to pay homage to Ayn Rand.

Nope, his name is Randall.

Nope, his name is Randall. Either Ron or Rand has said somewhere (I believe) that there's no connection.

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I remember seeing a news video where Rand explains his name

and it is not associated with the author. Sorry, don't remember the title of the video, but sure it can be located here in DP's search if you really want to take the time and effort.