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1988 is Dead. Time to Move, Now.

In 1988 Ron Paul ran for President outside of the two party system. He failed to garner much support because the system was rigged for a two party system. So he came back to one of the parties and survived. In 2006 or so, YouTube and Google Video came out as a media format like never before. Truth was pushed up on those channels and woke most of us up. If not then, soon after. We learn for the first time the truth of the Federal Reserve, 9/11, Freedom to Fascism and the Proper Role of Government. We were stunned to find one Congressman who somehow still knew the truth of these things. We watched we learned we read. A Revolution was ignited because of the internet.

A Presidential race ensued and we enlisted Ron Paul The Champion of Liberty! We gave campaign donations for the first time. What a rush! We were then told of what happened in 1988. We couldn't get elected outside the two party system. So we worked with in the system and had amazing results! We were in the debates and more people joined the movement. We laughed at the establishment media squirming in their seats as Ron Paul gave a thrashing in speaking the truths of our founding Fathers to all of the neo-conservatives running for President! We sent a blimp to spread the message. Hope was back in America, Liberty was remembered once again. Man did it feel good that we were not alone anymore.

But the cheating ensued and despite winning 2nd place in Nevada, maybe first place in Louisiana the television lied. The established media from 1988 was still in place and we lost...for now. At the very end there was a coalescence with many third parties and we agreed to end the wars and audit the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party for President.

2012 elections came and with renewed vigor we leaped like a tiger on it's prey. We new the cheating would come so we took measures to insure our wins this time. We were in place as delegates. We learned the system and we took over what we could. We came by the tens of thousands to the events! We remembered 1988 and we could taste the republican nomination. But the cheating continued more insidious then ever and the T.V. would not cover us. They mocked us more then ever. The pain was so much when we lost many of us even seemed to turn on each other at the end. What a blow.

It's 2014 now and I believe we have a choice. I choose to believe it's not 1988 anymore. I choose to believe the internet and youtube,vimeo, Dailymotion, Break.com, Buzznet, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, liveleak, drudgereport, infowars, dailypaul, are bigger then T.V. now. I believe that the Republican and Democratic leadership will continue to cheat and change the rules so that no Constitutional Candidate will ever be the President elect within their two party system. I choose to believe they can rig an election. I choose to believe that they will put up Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton as presidents to vote for. I choose to believe we have the new media. We have the ability to get on all the States ballots. We have the base AND we have the Candidate. I choose to believe that its time to gather together all the people sick and tired of 1988 into a New Independent American Party.

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I Choose to Act

Regardless of my belief in the odds, I have chosen, since 1995, to act as if all that's possible, and the good news is, we DID get on the ballot in all 50 states, plus territories, several times, with a libertarian candidate we can be proud of, in the LP.

I believe that campaigning for what you want is a far better strategy than campaigning against what you least want.

Local and state races is where this battle needs to be fought. Federal positions are almost always filled by local and state incumbents, and the pipeline must be filled (and they can nullify the feds, as well).

Working to elect a top-down savior is what got us into this mess in the first place. Hoping for a savior in politics is looking in the wrong place.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Then do.

just a few thoughts about your post.

I suppose Gary J is better than the rest but I would not go that far...the LP has strayed a great deal from it's roots.

And the people I mentioned above, the delegates, that is what they did. They campaigned for what they wanted.

And like I wrote. We did well in the local and state levels in 2012.

And if you interpreted what I wrote was portraying Ron Paul as a savior, then I disagree. It was a progression. I do not think any one us involved in his campaigns think of him in that way.

And actually politics is NOT the answer. It's ideas of liberty etc. and the spreading of these ideas that make the change.

Ron Paul is My President

Dedicated to the Duly Elected Maine Delegates RNC


Ron Paul is My President

Debbie's picture

We are forever indebted to the steadfast Maine delegates, Sunny,

for their refusal to back down!


Yes we are Debbie.

Their hard work fighting the good fight and the buckets full of integrity they all showed us is something so very special.

It was a very special time for all of us who want liberty in our lifetime.

Ron Paul is My President

We need to Stop worrying about Washington D.C. & Presidency

If we want a reversal of the Centralization of Power & Responsibility in the US, then stop looking for the Feds to fix it.

We have to get Liberty movement people in all levels of State and Local Government before those at the Federal level can do any real good. We can't decentralize from the Top. Do we have people in office locally who can and will take responsibility? The Power & Responsibility has to have a place to be transferred to.

The second part of this is that people/organizations do not voluntarily give up Power. They will say they won't use it, except under extreme conditions of course, but it is very rare to give it up. That means that we need to take the Responsibility of leading ourselves and community back, and that automatically brings back the Power.

Last, I wouldn't worry so much about Party. Get candidates to run as whatever party always wins in the gerrymandered districts.

The constant worry about what DC and Congress are up to distracts from what we should be doing at home in order to transfer Responsibility back to the People, Cities, Counties, & States.

Well Steve,

I agree - in theory. That is what the Good Doctor has always advised.

BUT ask the Maine delegates and alternates and all of us here in Maine who went to the Maine GOP State Convention. We started right off the bat getting our guy to be the Chairman.

Maine did the best of ANY state in winning delegates - all 21 of them - getting positions on the the State committees and in the Legislature.

These people were tough and vigilant and fought fairly. And they fought like dogs too - meaning they fought fiercely. And after fighting and all the back stabbing continued once they were in place to do their job, well it got so dirty, that it got to a point the that those grassroots activists stepped down. It was either fight dirty back or hold your head up and know it's time.

Our newly elected State Committeeman - Mark Willis - took on Reince Preibus for the Chair of the RNC. No one else did!

And the GOP National and State fought like DIRTY DOGS at every turn.
If Maine could not do it with every damn delegate being a Ron Paul delegate in Maine and in what was left, after what was done, to send to Tampa - well, I don't know if it can be done.

Many of the duly elected national delegates - who were to go to Tampa - were stolen and replaced by the GOP here in Maine. Dr. Paul was shot down in any way that could be done to make sure he could not get the nomination, he could not speak at Tampa and he would not let his speech be vetted to do that nor would he endorse Romney.

They were changing bylaws on the spot to suit their needs.

And with all the lies and deceit and rigged votes - you name it - they did what needed. They walked out. It was an impossible situation.

Tampa was rigged beyond belief. Mark Willis and his attempt to knock Reince Priebus off his thrown was not because he did not try - he tried like hell - it was once more the DIRTY DOG fighting of the status quo, war mongering hacks at the national and state GOP/RNC.

The process is bastardized beyond belief.

So yeah,in theory.

Ron Paul is My President

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Oops, Brought a Knife/Puppy to a Gun/DirtyDog Fight

My summation is that politics is a gentlemans war.

The foe is dug-in with the power of dirty tricks.

The idealist newbies are still learning how to conquer such a beast.

If seeking

a 'new Independent American Party', this might be of interest


Well written. I enjoyed reading it...

You had me until you mentioned bringing a new third party into contention. It's difficult enough with one that already has name recognition, and in the general election - no matter how much we don't like it - the debates are important to draw people from the bases of the other parties. Otherwise, candidates are fairly easily marginalized into the domain of "Don't vote for him/her. He/She can't win anyway."

Since we own the new media...

Can't we organize our own debates? Can't we mock the "republicans" who don't show up? Can we get Google/youtube to host a debate.. CNN is irrelevant. Can we market like ever before.. Can't we get enough candidates that aren't republicrats that the status quo look completely out of synch with the rest of America? It didn't work before but neither did legalizing Mary Jay. The times have change..

I think alternative media is becoming quite powerful

I think television news will continue to fall by the wayside as time goes on. If figures could bring large numbers of diverse people together, the political machine could be rendered null. For instance, suppose someone focused on motivating people to action aiming to nullify the War on Minorities - I meant to say Drugs, that is.

What if everyone began pleading not guilty, and juries quit convicting under conscientious objection to the law? Suppose the People started saying what goes when it comes to ridiculous laws.

For example, some people want liberty but continue to prostrate themselves before the State by looking down on people who break oppressive laws. Their motto - "Follow the law until you can change it."

If the People truly want to be in charge of this country, they should begin by quit waiting for politicians to do the right things.

For example, imho, soldiers have the duty to refuse to fight in wars which are not declared by Congress once they give due consideration to their oaths and the text of the Constitution. The Separation of Powers was made to place the decision to go to war with the branch of government that was suppose to be the closest representatives of the People.

Article I Section VIII Clause XI:

[The Congress shall have power to] declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;

Article II Section II begins with the words:

The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States;

[emphasis added]

In other words, when the Congress declares a war the Executive is then allowed to use the powers of commander in chief. Without formal declaration, no soldier is Constitutionally bound to fight in a conflict - which is superior to the dictates of the chief.

I think elections are good opportunities to showcase ideas, however, and should used to do so. I think that should be the goal. Ron Paul demonstrated that Thomas Jefferson, himself, would no longer be a candidate that could make it through the primary season. That didn't stop him from reaching tens-of-thousands of college students.

The goal is to keep spreading ideas. That's where the alternative media is powerful. To reform the modern State, one must first defeat it's propaganda machine by spreading ideas more efficiently - perturb complacency.

You're a pretty good writer. I think people can relate to the way you laid out your experience.

Defeating the two-party system in a political contest is certainly a noble goal, if you feel that it is possible to "get the right guy in there." Personally, I'm not as concerned as I once was with regards to achieving electoral success.

It's sufficient to defeat their ideas.




Well written bump.

Time to think outside the box?

There are too many Cancers in the two parties to cure.

Maybe So....

Since ONLY 40% of Americans make the effort to actually vote, that fact speaks volumes.
This is "APATHY" and is most likely a result of previous discontent, disappointment and the inherent alienation that results from such.

* Is insidiously aided and abetted by both parties;
It creates a power-base within the populace; one that is comprised of
the "party activists" and "faithful", the members who have kowtowed to the power-structure....

MOST AMERICANS are "Too Busy" earning a living, raising children, enjoying their "hobbies" and "leisure time" (which is historically at an all-time high), perhaps simply watching "The Boob-Tube"...or playing video games.

THE GOOD NEWS is that 42% of Americans describe themselves in "POLLS" to be "Independent"....according to these "polls".....
THESE POLLS may simply be "manipulation" by the MSM to create the desired effect of further apathy within the populace.
DESIRED EFFECT being, more specifically, an attitude that breeds a "desired complacency" that manifests itself in two ways.
THE TWO being;
*An assumption that "progress for the common man", both politically and economically is just "around-the-corner".
*The "Leave-it-up-to-the-other-guy-attitude".
BOTH of these lend further political power to the "party faithful" and creates a climate wherein they can increase their power by "Rules", and "Regulations" within the electoral process.
This can only be accomplished if the country reaches such a state of disrepair, economic hardship, or public panic.
IT IS ONLY THEN that the populace "may" be more persuaded to become active within the electoral process....
VOTER REGISTRATION can be a tool used to effect this.
However....the Powers-that-be may use martial law, suspension of elections and more Media-Manipulation to hold onto their power.
Did you ever notice; WHO is "pushing" voter registration;
and the "Get-Out-the-Vote" commercials?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!