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Spending my morning with you DP (Ice pellets on ground in Houston)

I'm going in later than usual since all of us here in Houston are wusses and don't know how to drive on ice and snow.

So i am keeping my coffee warm and reading the Daily Paul!


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Same here in Austin

Only people who are out and about are the brave folks who hail from up north and say they can drive in these conditions.....and there are traffic accidents all over the place. LOL! Driving on ice is different than driving on snow. We just have ice everywhere with white patches of sleet.

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be wearing shorts and t-shirts again.

Grass Fire Yesterday

Ranchers are still feeding cattle, as the rains we had a few months ago weren't enough to sustain the new grass.

I saw a grass fire, yesterday. We really need the rain in California.

No snow-pack in the Sierra means no drinking water.

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Thawed truck out and started

Thawed truck out and started travelling and both bridges by my house closed then work called again, dont come in till noon.

I see where this is going. Our vp said if we have small children to take vacation time off. Yeah right dude...

Southern Agrarian

lucky sod :)

lucky sod :)

Office called and no work

Office called and no work till 10am!

Southern Agrarian

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You drive on it the same way we did up north.

With a bead of sweat and a prayer.