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How Does the Daily Paul Feel About Their Community Fire Departments

What has your experiences been with fire department?

What department and how were you or your family treated?

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Our Fire Dept...

is private & funded by a property owners association (POA). They are way over funded but complain all the time about not having enough, wanting more very expensive goodies that aren't necessary at the expense of the property owners. Now they want a special fire district so they can appoint their own board, not be accountable to the community & let the mil levy to fund it 'creep up over time' so people won't complain. And to top it off, they want the assets from the POA (that the members paid for)given away to them to be able to function as a district. They use lots of fear-mongering & intimidation to get their own way. Whatta mess. Beware of special districts...they can end up being very costly with almost no accountability.

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Only time I've ever had to

Only time I've ever had to call for help with a fire was in 94 and they were volunteers. This was in Cave Springs, AR and those guys were great.

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I've never thought about it--

thanks for bringing it up--

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They ARE the Local Government

No one gets elected to City Council without the endorsement of police and fire unions.

The public's reaction to the death of first-responders at 9/11 and the huge American flags attached to every piece of fire equipment, resulted in the most indulged, over-paid, power-grab I've seen.

I doubt most of the firefighters were really behind this, as most probably love the work, but the unions and the ambitious took the opportunity and ran with it, so that now the city is under their thumb. They continually drive for higher taxes.

They represent the public's desire for eternal life.

I think it's about time to get religion out of government, again, and turn morality, charity, and spirituality back over to churches where it belongs.

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Ho Gods our volleys were FREAKING AWESOME!

Not too much burned where I grew up in the mountains, mold was more a problem and they local "Jolly Volleys" bragged that they never lost a foundation.

Yes they were there, yes they were all drunk, yes they nearly killed us all each year in their fireworks displays and delighted in taking us kids for rides on parades, they were the BEST.

Years later my brother Shem joined up and they went union and brought in all the guys from like 3 towns over to "run things" and that's just another thing...

that killed our town, OUR MOUNTAIN and pretty much our way of life and the promises we kept to the land.

There ain't no more land there now, they turned it into real estate.

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Sad story, Smudge Pot

When self-government made local decisions about who to trust with even such potentially threatening challenges as having fireworks near wooded lands, it was amazing how folks enjoyed their liberty with relatively few real calamities, eh?

Once folks with no family roots, transplanted their college-smart notions, out-of-towner ways, and big-city policies; rural life and landscape would have to fight to keep what was their right, or move to find what they lost elsewhere.

Too often repeated here, also.

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I lived in Sedona Arizona in

I lived in Sedona Arizona in the 70s BEFORE it became incorporated and ruined. We had the most amazing all volunteer fire department! I fell and needed an ambulance and they were at my home in less then 5 minutes got me to the hospital and all was well.

Frankly, I think we would have no shortage of volunteers - what boy has not dreamed of being a fireman when he grew up?

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Ours is excellent.

They haven't lost a basement yet.