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What is John McCain really doing?


Constitutional Clayton


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McCain thinks he's trapped

McCain thinks he's trapped inside a "video game", as the kids call it, and he has to beat the final boss before he can be set free.

The final boss, of course, is the Ayatollah, and you can only unlock that boss if you bomb three neighboring Middle Eastern countries.

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Er... intelligent guess...

Er... intelligent guess...

He's trying to get himself arrested by the American people and charged for treason, some time in the future?

(Seems like he's doing pretty good progress towards that thus far, btw)

Or, dunno, what else?

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Bravo Clayton! McCain loves war and has a chip on his shoulder.

Because while he was busy bombing innocent Vietnamese people, he got shot down, captured, and tortured.

The way I see it is he is so bitter about his treatment during that conflict, that he wants others to suffer his pain as well.

So he is quick to send off as many Americans as possible to any war he can drum up.

It's really sick, and the bastard should be put in a mental ward and taken OUT of the public as a danger to life and limb of American citizens.

John McCain is literally more dangerous to the safety of Americans than a serial killer out there running around, because even a serial killer can kill only a limited number of people.

But blood-thirsty, war mongers like McCain have have the power to make laws to send our citizens off to war in untold, unlimited numbers.

When will the nation wake up and see that the manufactured "enemies" of the United States are mostly just that: manufactured by war-mongering lawmakers in high, powerful places - for the profits of themselve and their selected constituents.

THESE are the criminal rats we should be putting in prison to protect the public from their sick desires.

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False premis pawnstorm. From reports it seems

He wasn't tortured. 'Songbird McCain' as they referred to him is despised by many 'vets who served as POW's in Hanoi.

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