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Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: Everything In Our Modern World Is A Lie (Exclusive Interview!)


Some excerpts from billionaire Hugo Salinas Price:

-As many people know, you have been an advocate for liberty, free markets and honest money among other topics. You are started the project-proposal of monetizing the pure silver coin in Mexico but, can your proposal be implemented in any country? What does it take to do that? Could gold be monetized the same way?

My proposal was, and is, to give a monetary value in local currency, to a silver coin which has no engraved value upon its face. The monetary value – higher than the value of the silver in the coin itself – could be quote, ideally from the Treasury. If the price of silver rises, this quote could be increased to give the silver coin a higher monetary value. (It could rise either because the price of silver in dollars has risen, or because the local currency has devalued.) But under no circumstances should the monetary value, once quoted, ever be reduced. If the value of the silver in the coin falls, the monetary value remains the same.

This is an entirely “doable” project. Actually, it only replicates what used to happen with silver coins up until the middle of the 20th Century. You see, silver coins, all over the world, always had monetary value superior to the value of the silver which they contained. (Same as we propose). When the value of silver fell in the 1930’s, the silver coins retained their monetary value unchanged. (Same as we propose). But silver coins disappeared when the price of silver rose after WW II. What we propose retains the silver coins as money, because if the price of silver rises, the monetary value of the coin also rises. (This was impossible in the 20th century, because the monetary value was engraved upon the coins. We eliminate that problem, by having no engraved value upon the coins.)

This project can only become a reality if a leader with enough political power a) understands our project b) wishes to do something to benefit the people whose leader he is.

At the present time, the prospects for our project are poor, because the world “leaders” are really not independent men or women; they are under the control of their respective Central Bankers, who form an international fraternity whose leaders are the Fed, the IMF, and the BIS.

-Mr. Salinas, why is it important to go back to sound money (gold and silver)? You know, “modern” economist like Nouriel Roubini call gold a “barbarous relic” and others name silver the “poor-man´s gold”.

Mr. Barba, everything in our modern world is a lie. Look wherever you will, and you will find lies. Our civilization is living on borrowed time, because you cannot deal with Reality and the problem of finding sustenance for life in Fiction or Lies; you have to deal with Reality by means of Truth, and not by Lies. If we go on pretending that we can avoid Reality by means of Lies, we are going to end up in a barbarous state.

The world is attempting to live by means of the great lie of fiat money. It will not work. You deal with Reality by means of Truth; Truth is thinking that checks with Reality. Gold is money, and if we refuse to face that fact, we are lying.

The problem is fundamentally a moral problem. Is political power to be based on Reality, or on systematic deceit of the populations of the world? Our leaders have chosen mass deceit as their instrument of power. What they will obtain will be utter chaos and disorder, and mass impoverishment.

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Free Market Price Theory makes this a false statement I think...

"But under no circumstances should the monetary value, once quoted, ever be reduced. If the value of the silver in the coin falls, the monetary value remains the same."

And if he is an advocate of the free market, prices rise and fall in that free market. To try to stop such freedom of prices to fall, is to stop allowing the market to be "free".

So how much of a "free market" advocate is he, really?

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He's not talking about prices

He's not talking about prices of goods falling, He's talking about the value of the currency cannot go down, only up. Prices of goods are free to climb and fall.

So Mr. Treg, You're Advocating Inflation Only Higher Prices?

If prices of things are regulated by supply and demand, but priced in weights of Silver/Gold, wouldn't that be a free market solution to worldwide inflation

It seemed to work quite well before international banking introduced paper notes as money.