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Medical Marijuana Strain Has Hundreds Of Parents Flocking To Colorado


DENVER (CBS4) – There’s a medical marijuana plant that has parents moving to Colorado to help their children.

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The strain of marijuana is called “Charlotte’s Web,” and it’s named after a young girl in Colorado previously reported on by CBS4. The strain, converted into oil, has drastically changed Charlotte Figi’s life for the better. Now advocates claim hundreds of families are moving to Colorado in a last ditch effort to help their suffering children.

“We felt in our hearts it’s what we needed to do,” Marie Jay said.

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High CBD

Its nothing short of a miracle for these kinds of seizure disorder, and it doesn't get you high.

I wish there were a betting pool to guess how long it will take for over 50% of the population to accept that cannabinoids:

a. Stop seizures

b. Regulate the immune system

c. Cause apoptosis in cancer cells, effectively curing it.

Do all of it completely non-toxic in any way, safer than aspirin .. etc etc...

Given the sheer strength of the decades long propaganda war against the plant, Hollywood movies cashing in on a laugh, and the general metal laziness of the modern American I'm guessing more than 5 years easy.

Could be more than that.

Not everyone is the smartest tool in the shed around these parts (ie. the US. Not the Daily Paul :) Ya'll are on the ball. )

Medical Marijuana

Stop calling it "Medical" marijuana... that's a slave term made up from a politicians scribble... it's a Cannabis plant muchacho.

Thanks I've got to go eat some medical eggs and medical cheese for breakfast.

Medical thanks to you

This is worth your time,

I say just eat the plant raw, or juice it,

Rather than turn it into an oil. Turning it into an oil gets the plant more out of its natural state (and requires use of solvents which mite damage some of the plant's inherent medicinal properties)

Do you know what you are

Do you know what you are talking about? The oil IS the medicine. Once you extract it, the rest of the plant material can be used for anything else that isnt eating or medicine; you already took the medicine and you would likely take the food part before then too.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

He knows...

Just 2 compatible opinions about the method...
Whether ALL the canabinoids are water soluble is the question for juicing...
CBD AND THC are only 2 of over 120 identified canabinoids
contained within the plant so,
the question becomes the strength and efficacy of the solvent.

The 'industrial' method of organic extraction used to make
essential oils by the food industry, perfume mfrs etc...
is carbon dioxide as the solvent.
The 'gas' becomes 'liquid' under SERIOUS pressure..
the organics give up their oil to the liquid..
pressure and organic material is then removed
leaving the pure oil...
but that's not something you can do in your backyard. :)

99.99% Isopropyl

The most available (important!), cleanest, cheapest way to extract.

Distill it down to the oil - add coconut oil for absorption - decarboxylate further in the oven which vaporizes away any trace alcohol left after distilling (and activates the CBD)

Best way for most people imo.

Actually, water isnt whats

Actually, water isnt whats being used as a solvent. At least the way Rick Simpson did it he had to boil off all the solvent in open air because of the fire risk should the vapors ignite.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Right on, one love, kowabunga, etc.

I know someone who treated their cancer this way. It is an amazing story. Using the oils and teas of Dynamic Accumulator Plants and other herbs can help prevent disease and boost nutrition. If you get cancer, just move to a place where you are "allowed" to have the cure.

Follow your heart,

That's for sure.
May God preserve our medicine from the hand of man!

Monsanto = Monsatan


Serious question...

A friend of mine, also a fellow DPer, said that this is genetically modified weed.

Is cross-breeding the same thing as GMO?

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!



absolutely not Robb..

I found the answer!

Simplified: If it grows true to the parent plant from seed, it's an heirloom. If the seeds don't consistently produce a plant like the parent, it's a hybrid. If it was gene-spliced in a lab, it's GMO.


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I didn't think so, but...

...he brings up a good point:

"Cross breeding modifies genetics."

Which does seem to be true, that all these new strains of weed are indeed different and more potent. But I agree it's not the same thing as genetically engineering fish genes into tomatoes.



I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


great info

i know of people that were starting to use the hemp loophole to grow fields of low thc / high cbd medical marijuana. plant counts don't count under our new hemp law!

you can buy the cbd cream but for whatever reason i don't think you can buy the oil that is used in the videos. here's some more info...
Buy It Now, It’s Legal – Medical Marijuana Cannabidiol (CBD from Industrial Hemp)

you may be able to get cbd from the new recreational shops. all you need is a state issued id/dl showing you are 21. anyone from any u.s. state or any country around the world (passport) is allowed.

Photos: See all 33 recreational marijuana shops Denver has licensed so far

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I'm looking ahead...

the 'licensing' ITSELF is a CRIME...
and IT

we'll see

4-5 years ago i would totally agree with you and would have said someone may end up in jail too.
now i don't know, maybe they will pass state/federal legislation clarifying and/or making new hemp regulations.

yes, "the 'licensing' ITSELF is a CRIME" but no one here seems to care. not anymore than they did with medical marijuana being illegal federally. they just ignore the federal gov and do what needs to be done. we've had "illegal" mmj disp since 2006 and so far so good. as long as they comply with state law the feds have stayed out of colorado. we're a swing state where more people voted for pot than barry or mitt. i don't think they want any trouble in 2014 either. they won't mess with Colorado if they know what's good for them!

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Rand Paul 2016

it will change...

like Dr. Paul says 'Markets are Powerful'
It will be the market that does it..
the NEED will do it.
People sick and dying will WAKE UP.. more and more
Lower income/middle income will simple not give a rat'sass
when it comes to themselves, their parents and their children.
The utter futility and hypocrisy of such a 'limitation'/restriction
over something they can PRIVATELY do themselves
with a backyard and a 5 gallon bucket
for friends and neighbors
will overwhelm licensing and enforcement and
I'm TALKING about the STATE crime of licensing.
I will watch and laugh and weep for joy.
The OIL will be the difference...
the public will 'see' it more like medicine... and that cognitive dissonance is the KEY to a market surge.
I can't wait.

Great thinking.

I do believe you have correctly predicted the inevitable!


I'm so happy and furious at the same time...
There's NO telling what ELSE this plant oil can do...
and WE THE PEOPLE can make it ourselves...
No doctors, Corporations, Prescriptions, Hospitals, Insurance, Gov't 'permits' 'liscensing'...
It's overwhelms me sometimes...
EVERYONE can have access
and prevent SO much suffering... it's unfathomable to me that ANYTHING should have stopped this.
They KNEW about it LONG ago.
It's literally IS a crime of EPIC proportions
against Humanity.

Uh oh.... looks like the cat

Uh oh.... looks like the cat is practically out of the bag so to say on the utter effectiveness that is the oil.
Thanks to Rick Simpson for spending so much time trying to promote it as well.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

There was a local News story out of Augusta, GA very recently...

Which is right across the border from where I am in South Carolina... A local GA family is moving there for their young son who has severe seizures. They claim that cannabis has greatly improved their child's ability to cope with his condition, and has reduced seizure length and frequency. Seems like a very effective treatment, especially when compared to the dozens of pharma pills and prescription meds he was forced to take before, which had a very minimal effect on his condition.

What great news. Thank you G-d for providing the gift of herb, which You gave to Man for sustenance; Genesis 1:29.

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I tried - but it's on vimeo, doesn't work here.

but this one does:


Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

I cried with her...

thanks 4 this...


God Bless Rick Simpson!!