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Justin Bieber being top story should be no shock at all...

There shouldn't be any shock about MSNBC going from interviewing a Congresswoman about the NSA to the arrest of Justin Bieber, in breaking news, live coverage fashion. No shock at all. CNN has the arrest of Bieber as the top story article on the front page of their website, while NSA leaks is in fine print to the left, barely noticeable. Don't be shocked by this. While many might think this is all apart of a devised plan by the mainstream media to control the information you receive...think again.

After all, if you had 1000 test subjects flipping through TV stations many more would stop channel surfing to hear about the arrest of Bieber than talks of the NSA leaks. So why be angry, or disgusted at the mainstream media? We tell them what we want by what we are willing to watch, by what draws out attention to stop flipping through channels. The truth is if you could observe 1000, or 100,000 people channel surfing and what ultimatley grabs their attention to stop on a single network, you would have the answer of why CNN and MSNBC do it.

It's not MSNBC's fault that more people wanted to hear about the arrest of Justin Beiber then the NSA Leaks. It's your fault. It's not CNN's fault that they get more clicks on their web site to hear about Beiber than the NSA. It's your fault. Be honest with yourself...if you were flipping through channels and saw the headline, "Justin Beiber arrested in Miaimi", would you stop on that channel, whether you love him or hate him. Not everbody would, but the mass would. And that's all that matters.

You can hate the mainstream media all you want to. If that's the case it's yourself that you hate. The bigger you. We are all apart of it and contribute to it, good or bad. The morality of our society is relected back to us through our news, advertising, entertainment, etc. We live in a society of indulgence and momentary excitement and we are willing to pay alot of money to whomever can give it to us. Don't hate the messenger. Turn it off. You choose what body you want to be apart of.

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It is their fault

that they care more about ratings than important issues.

Not all of us are 12 year old girls or give a shit about what happens to Bieber.