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God and the New Physics by Paul Davies

God and the New Physics by Paul Davies

Publication Date: 1984

Pages (text): 228

Amazon Overview: How did the universe begin and how will it end?
What is matter?
What is mind, and can it survive death?
What are time and space, and how do they relate to ideas about God?
Is the order of the universe the result of accident or design?
The most profound and age-old questions of existence -- for centuries the focus of religion and philosophy -- may soon be answered through the extraordinary advances of a field of science known as the new physics. In this illuminating work, Paul Davies, author of the acclaimed Other Worlds and The Edge of Infinity, writes that the discoveries of 20th-century physics -- relativity and the quantum theory -- are now pointing the way to a new appreciation of man and his place in the universe.

Index? Yes

Best Price: 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping

Average Rating on Amazon: 4/5 stars, 36 reviews

Free Look Inside on Amazon? Yes

Free listen on Amazon? No

Available on Kindle? No

Audio formats available?

Free Online? yes - but some have malware attached unfortunately.

Updated/revised editions? None found

Recommended for: The seeker

Have I actually read it? Yes, a long time ago - exploring again.

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MALWARE !!!!!! I clicked on your damned link !!!!!! ALERT

...the one that is posted after "Free Online? yes..."

I've spent the last half hour removing spamware and adware crap from my puter!!!

I'm still trying to remove the last and worst of it!!!

Fricking MALWARE galore!!! :(

crap - sorry about that...

I removed the link but now I bet my machine is infected too. Crap. :(

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

I bet your machine ain't infected.

You'd know it for sure quite quickly.

I'm running IE on Windows7 like an idiot!

Damn! My security apps won't touch any of it.

It's Friday night, I'm alone, no better time for a hand job actually. :D

I'm not so sure. I got an unexpected pop-up...

and a 'quick question' asking me about bed-wetting or something.

Again, sorry. What kind of malware did you get btw?

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

speaking of MALware...

I had no problem immediately evaluating it as malicious, as one of the pop-ups kept suggesting that I update my Java [using its non-Oracle downloader]. I checked to see the status of my Java, and it was GONE! It had been completely zapped! I went to Oracle/Sun and verified this with their Java check app. I reloaded the Java after eradicating the nasties.

There were a handful.

I wish I could remember the names associated with the stuff. A few had "download app" and "update" like terms associated with them. One was a weather alert thing. The only name I actually remember was "Remarkit". That one not only added advertisements to my pages but messed up my pages layouts, laying on top and also displacing DP content. It was also the one responsible for highlighting random DP text while applying ad links. Uffda! It's all gone now [I HOPE!]. It wasn't terribly difficult to remove. I simply removed all programs installed today. It was kinda strange though [a bit like Whack-a-Mole] as they didn't all list in my "Programs" at once, but repeated refreshes of "Uninstall Programs" eventually [knock on wood]* revealed them all.

*unrelated to my previous reference to "hand job"