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This is the Return of the Individual. - Do NOT Let the "Supermen" Abuse You.

With God's help, The Individual will be winning this fight, eventually.

Working on self and with others to enjoy liberty and individual freedoms is still a young idea.

Jesus and other prophets suggested us not so long ago that THIS is the genuine greatest good for mankind to pursue.

But the arbitrary of the force of the ignorant, of the lazy, of the superstitious, of the envious, of the arrogant, when men lose it and organize themselves around their darkest natural flaws... has for long been the rule of the State.

We are each and everyone of us Unique.

We are each and everyone of us with Good and Evil in ourselves.

It's a never ending inner battle that shape our own lives and affects, sometimes, the lives of others.

It is utterly easy to be evil and anonymous and to leverage the powers of a corrupted state for our selfish benefits.

Contrariwise, it is tremendously difficult to stand still and speak out against injustice, to defend what is Right... and to never know the feeling of discouragement.

That's life.

You, they, I, we all have our unique tastes, capabilities, skills, desires, dreams, and long term projects, be they for ourselves only or also embracing our beloved ones.

You can do many things that others have no clues about.

Yet, sometimes, you feel that you do not know or have that much credentials.

It is all very subjective.

It is all very human.

We are often impressed by what others can do, while we have to spend some significant efforts to stay interested or motivated in whatever we are already good or excellent at... in the eyes of others.

That's The Individual - That's Mankind.

Knowledge (and skills) is True Power, but it happens to hurt, also.

Knowing too much can make us kill ourselves in some circumstances, or even more frequently - to get us killed by others, threatened in their plans to plunder people.

Again, that's what the State, of any form, throughout History - and when corrupted - has proven itself to be REALLY GOOD AT.

Feel PROUD of what you really know and you KNOW that you ACTUALLY know.

Feel HUMBLE before the immensity of things and ideas that you have yet to discover.

Feel HUNGRY before it, too.

Learn from others' credentials when they speak about it with that very PECULIAR FLAME of passion that only true, genuine, honest people have - as opposed to whatever "the majority" of others, UNABLE to show you that they have that SAME FLAME, might say of them.

Be proud of your brother-in-law who has no PhD, who maybe hasn't even graduated from high school, but who could fix cars when he was 12 - because HE LOVED DOING IT.

Be proud of your uncle who has almost broken his back because of growing food for others, while trying to make a honest living out of it.

Be curious of others' credentials - ACTUAL credentials - which means, with or without college degrees, but that sort of those which even an ignorant can double check with minimal "Googling" or other background research.

Question their credibility - challenge it - find out about the most difficult questions for their domains, and watch and see how they can explain it to you in terms so simple that you'd feel you'd have understood as 12 year old.

Go seek for the creators, the builders, the inventors, the entrepreneurs who don't count their time, money, sweat, to build what they have told you they would love TO BUILD.

Continue with your efforts to build what you've been busy building and you really WANT with all your passion to see built.

Praise the creators among us.

Praise the builders.

Praise the knowledgeable with ACTUAL credentials - those that you could figure you can even gauge by and for yourself.

Praise those of us who have nothing to do with the State and who create wealth instead of stealing it or destroying it.

And say, "thanks, but no, thanks" to the takers, to the lesson givers, who are unable to show you, or to anybody else, ANYTHING that they have built with THEIR OWN HANDS, THEIR OWN BRAIN, THEIR OWN SWEAT, THEIR OWN HEART.

Say, "get lost, please" to the enforcers of the plunder done by the takers above them.

Say, "your time will soon be over" to the suckers.

This is the Return of the Individual.

Be it in our lifetime or in our posterity, we can rejoice in it.

Keep the faith.


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Cyril's picture

Keep faith in yourself AND in your foundations, American friends

Keep faith in yourself AND your in foundations, American friends.

This is the Return of the Individual.

I'm sure.

"Haut les coeurs!"

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius



Free includes debt-free!

Cyril's picture

Hey, thank you Paul :)

Hey, thank you Paul :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius