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How to get rid of hiccups with 100% success rate. You've probably never heard this one before.

Just had an itch to share something I learned on my own a long time ago about how to get rid of hiccups.

Probably around 1997 or so I learned through my own intuition exactly how to get rid of hiccups within 1 minute if done correctly. Not sure how to say I figured this out other than intuition.

For some reason during an episode of severe hiccups lasting more than half hour or so and desperate to get rid of them I realized that hiccups is somehow related to heart rate. The key to getting rid of hiccups is to consciously lower your heart rate.

My technique for rapidly lowering my heart rate and getting rid of hiccups:

I sit and relax in a calm position, breathing normal to gently, close my eyes and place my hand on my heart. I then get a drum beat in my head that is synchronized with my heart beat. Then I mentally lower the tempo of the beat in my head at a pace that my heart correspondingly lowers to and whala, the hiccups are gone instantly.

I have also found I can do this for others too who are not musically inclined and have done this for many people. I have them sit in a relaxed position and I put my hand over their heart and then begin to whisper the beat into their ear and simply lower the tempo of the beat with my whispers and then like magic their hiccups are gone.

Since realizing this technique I (and others I perform this technique on) never have the hiccups for longer than 1 minute. I usually don't hiccup more than ten times anymore unless I am driving when the hiccups begin and can't get parked to perform the technique.

I know some people have really debilitating long term hiccups and I just thought this may help someone out there.

Getting rid of hiccups is all about lowering your heart rate. Synchronizing a beat in your head to your heart and mentally lowering the tempo in your head makes your heart rate decrease and thereby eliminates the hiccups immediately.

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Stop. Hold your breath as deep as you can for as long as you can. Just once. Takes about 45-60 seconds to reset your respiratory system and get rid of the hiccups. No mustard or peanut butter. No standing on one's head or calling out to God for help. No yoga vodo or placing one's healing hands on this or that. Just hold your breath until it hurts a little. Simple and done.

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That is what I do also.

It works for me. Just take in as much air as I can and hold it for as long as I can. Works every time. The only time I get hiccups is when I bite into a hot pepper.

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.


I tried this. It didn't work *at all* because I can't feel my heartbeat in my chest *at all*. I can feel a pulse at my wrist, but nothing on my chest. I'd really like to try/do this, but I have been unable to feel any beat. Any advice? If I put my hand on my son's chest, it's like there's someone inside pounding with a rubber mallet. I must have the whisper-quiet version.

mustard with

peanut butter

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Just a spoonful of sugar

I don't know if it works on adults, but babies and small children...dip a pacifier in sugar...a toddler, just a little sugar on a spoon. The granules or carbon or whatever make them go away.

What i do is get a glass of

What i do is get a glass of water and take constant little sips of water, the idea being that i have water going IN during my next hiccup, feels weird at first, thinking i might choke or something but i think thats more fear then reality, if im sipping at the same time im hiccuping, it actually stops that particular hiccup completly, after taking a few more sips just to "make sure", after that hiccups are usually gone

when sipping make sure to not have your mouth open completly, form your lips around the glass, as if your trying to make it water tight, only allowing the the water in.
So you have water balanced between the glass and arround the mouth and taking quick little and i mean tiny sips, one after the other one after the other one after the other until the next hicup

its like your sucking in the water, like a straw, but keeping the water around the little opening of the mouth your taking the sip from, the idea is that the opening wont have access to air, because when you open the mouth to sip, youll have water already sorrounding it

And pardon me, thats the best i could describe it, even though it sounds like entirely way too much inuendo to my ears, sorry

Yoga Breathing

According to Dr. D'Adamo, singing and yoga are both good techniques for blood type B's trying to reduce stress.

I discovered that what they have in common is a shift of responsibility from the autonomic nervous system to the conscious brain--at first, in yoga, I was afraid I would forget to breathe. Asking your brain to take over breathing is somewhat scary, but after an hour of it, often, muscles that had been tight would be relaxed. It's as if the autonomic system had a chance to re-set.

Singing, too, is about conscious breathing.

I can see that you are doing the same thing with heart-rate. I think, in a way, the part of you that's stuck in a loop, drops everything to make sure you don't forget to live--kind of like you gave the controls of a plane to a pilot trainee, and the real pilot stops doing anything unnecessary, just in case he has to take over.

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Placebo Effect

The placebo effect often works, apparently, judging by the suggestions I see here.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

A quart of Jack Daniels works

A quart of Jack Daniels works for me.

The scientific method

The scientific method for curing hiccup which is 100% effective; According to the research i have seen.

Hiccups are related to the Vegas nerve. This nerve travels the length of your body but not via the spine. All effective hiccup treatments are methods to stimulate the Vegas nerve. This nerve ends at the anus and the last resort method for hospitals to use for hiccups is anal stimulation. However regular sex is the next best remedy and the one I would prefer, that is if your partner can stop laughing long enough...

You can also stick your finger down your throat to

jolt the Vegas nerve...makes you gag. People with supra-tachycardia can do this to stop a racing heart instead of expensive meds they try to give you.

I picture Rick Santorum as president and I scare them away.

Works every time. =)

Maybe that's why my technique

Maybe that's why my technique works too. I sit and relax and start focusing on my breathing really slow. Focus on my diaphragm and concentrate on the breaths. The hiccups usually stop in no more than a minute.

I hold my breath for 5-7

I hold my breath for 5-7 seconds, then immediately chug a half/glass of water for 5 or 6 swallows. Gone every time.

My kids even use this method and get rid of them easily.

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100%... for women.

I haven't discovered a way to get rid of hiccups for men, however, I sure have one that works for women. Especially if she is able to bear children.
It's all in the approach...Say, "I heard a rumor about you, is it true?"
Now, you've got her attention.
Don't say it out loud....walk over and whisper it in her ear.
"I heard a rumor that you are pregnant, is it true?"
Works every time...100%, and I've been doing this for about 30 years now.
The KEY is she must be unsuspecting of what you are going to say, and she must not be obviously pregnant.
Gets them every time....the best age group is the 16-24 y.o.

a spoonful of peanut butter

a spoonful of peanut butter works instantly 97% of the time

Well if your not a swami that can control their heartbeat

this really works and you can do in in seconds even if you're drunk.

Get a glass of soda water (though any carbonated beverage will do) place a straw in the glass and put your fingers to airtight plug your ears. Drink the beverage through the straw.


The pressure from drinking the carbonated beverage not being able to escape through your is what does the work. Your mouth is sealed from sipping the straw and you need it anyway because your hands are in your ears. You don't have to drink it all but if you don't drink enough or long enough it you might have to repeat the process.

If you are in a public place you may want to go to the lavatory unless you don't mind risking amusing some onlookers who have no idea what you are doing.

Folk medicine for dummies

American folk medicine has a long history. The pioneers and farmers who built the country seldom had recourse to physicians or expensive medicine from druggists. In recent years, it has proved a fertile area for research by anthropologists and historians, who have studied the relationship of American folk medicine to its antecedents in the Old World, regional patterns, and its relationship to Native American medicine. For a discussion of early American cultural history from a regional perspective that includes discussion of folk-medicine and folk-magic, refer to David Hackett Fischer's "Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America."

One of the best digital resources on the Internet for the study of American folk medicine is the Online Archive of American Folk Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. It is a digitized corpus of printed resources on American folk medicine (and some related traditions), searchable by condition, the method of treatment, the date of attestation, and some other criteria. Even for those uninterested in serious research, it provides a measure of humor. The database is available here: http://www.folkmed.ucla.edu/

We can use this resource to investigate medical beliefs in America relating to hiccoughs. We find this gem, published by the Texas Folklore Society in 1930, in the article "Ranch Remedios" by Frost Woodhull:

"Have somebody pull out your tongue hard until your mouth bleeds a little. This will stop it sure. I lost fifteen pounds once from the hiccoughs, and they pulled out my tongue till it hurt pretty bad, and I haven’t had the hiccoughs since."

A quaint remedy from North Carolina, collected at some point between 1920-9, published in the "Collection of North Carolina Folklore" by Frank C. Brown:

"If you have the hiccoughs, think of a fox with no tail."

In this same collection of folklore, an old Negro remedy is related:

"A Negro remedy for hiccough is to swallow twenty-four buckshot." -Mamie Mansfield, Durham County

From Ohio:
"To cure hiccoughs, build a log cabin of matches on the top of your head" (A.S., F, 21, student, Russ.-Ger.-Fr., Cleveland, 1958).

There are plenty of other such gems, some showing a degree of thought and cleverness, some with a firm basis in medical fact, and others that reveal the endless capacity of the human imagination for stupidity, superstition, and cruelty.

A thousand years from now,

we'll know what hiccups are all about and people will tell each other cute stories about what people used to believe about them and probably some stuff that we never believed, too, like, "did you know they used to believe hiccups were the dead asking for water and you could satiate them by drinking water from the opposite edge of the cup?"

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lol i can totally see it...

lol i can totally see it...

If you take a very cold

If you take a very cold shower for 3 minutes to get your heart rate up and body heat going, exit the shower and don't dry off.

On a flat surface, kneel down and stand on your head for as long as you can hold. Your hiccups will probably be gone. If not, repeat.

COLD SHOWER! You must be wearing cellophane underwear...

for I can clearly see you're nuts.

I'd rather use gramma's formula:

1. Stand on the heel of your left foot and the toes of your right foot
2. Remove your trachea
3. Say the alphabet backwards, skipping every second letter while
4. Pouring warm salt water down your back and warm sugar water down your front
5. Replace trachea
6. Call a psychatrist

There - your headache should be gone.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

lmao why do you always have


why do you always have to one up me cudonski

No no no, here's what you do

Get a tall glass of water and swallow ten full gulps, one after another, without breathing. Forcing your diaphragm to voluntarily respond with regularity for a short period of time should stop the spasms.

That is what I do as well

Drink like 10 gulps of water quickly without breathing.


...hold your breath for the same amount of time ( if no water is available at the time ). Same thing.

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This is the way I was taught by a

bartender but a bit different. Plug and totally seal your ears with your fingers. In most cases you will need to have someone tilt the glass for you.

This thread is awesome. The

This thread is awesome. The fewer of these remedies actually work, the more awesome it is.

a shot of pickle juice works

a shot of pickle juice works everytime


Lime juice, lemon juice, vinegar - they all work for me. I think it's the acid in the juice.