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How to get rid of hiccups with 100% success rate. You've probably never heard this one before.

Just had an itch to share something I learned on my own a long time ago about how to get rid of hiccups.

Probably around 1997 or so I learned through my own intuition exactly how to get rid of hiccups within 1 minute if done correctly. Not sure how to say I figured this out other than intuition.

For some reason during an episode of severe hiccups lasting more than half hour or so and desperate to get rid of them I realized that hiccups is somehow related to heart rate. The key to getting rid of hiccups is to consciously lower your heart rate.

My technique for rapidly lowering my heart rate and getting rid of hiccups:

I sit and relax in a calm position, breathing normal to gently, close my eyes and place my hand on my heart. I then get a drum beat in my head that is synchronized with my heart beat. Then I mentally lower the tempo of the beat in my head at a pace that my heart correspondingly lowers to and whala, the hiccups are gone instantly.

I have also found I can do this for others too who are not musically inclined and have done this for many people. I have them sit in a relaxed position and I put my hand over their heart and then begin to whisper the beat into their ear and simply lower the tempo of the beat with my whispers and then like magic their hiccups are gone.

Since realizing this technique I (and others I perform this technique on) never have the hiccups for longer than 1 minute. I usually don't hiccup more than ten times anymore unless I am driving when the hiccups begin and can't get parked to perform the technique.

I know some people have really debilitating long term hiccups and I just thought this may help someone out there.

Getting rid of hiccups is all about lowering your heart rate. Synchronizing a beat in your head to your heart and mentally lowering the tempo in your head makes your heart rate decrease and thereby eliminates the hiccups immediately.

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You guys and gals are making me actually want the hiccups

to try out all these techniques.

I never thought I would actually want the hiccups but I like to know truth which makes me want to conduct formal experiments on all the techniques here.

Does anyone know how to actually get the hiccups??

Damn, being a truth seeker can be painful sometimes...

Thanks for all the great techniques posted in the comments here.

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LOL! I never actually TRIED getting them, they just happen

I have woken up in the middle of the night with hiccups on occasion but I don't know what triggered them. The suggestions I found on the web were miniscual (sp?) at best, but here they are:
eating too quickly or too much
an irritation in the stomach or the throat
feeling nervous or excited

Hope this helps and be sure to let us know what happens! hehe

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you should

patten that

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3 second cure, works instantly!

I have done this so I know it works. Forget holding your breath or drinking water upside down or what have you. Just plug your ears with your fingers for 3 seconds and bingo! Apparently it resets something in the brain, bizarre but true it works!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Easiest of all....a spoonful of sugar

literally....eat a spoonful of sugar and the hiccups disappear almost immediately. Works every time, like a charm.

I add a squeeze of fresh lime...

and a dash of Angostura bitters to the sugar. Its an instant cure, for everyone, every time!

you put the lime in the coconut. silly!

with your fingers in your ears of course....

STEP 1: Maximum Inhale & Hold; STEP 2: Maximum Exhale & Hold.

Here's my method for dealing with pesky hiccups: First, I slowly inhale until my lungs are inflated to the max, holding it all in for as long as possible. Then, I slowly exhale until my lungs are deflated to the max, keeping all the air out for as long as I can stand it. Doing that procedure just once almost always solves the problem. If not, then I just repeat steps one and two above again. I don't recall ever having to do that procedure a third time. Try doing that and see how it works out for you.


That is exactly what I do. In fact, I find it most helpful if you also think about anything but hiccups while doing this.

How timely!

My kid just came to me a short while ago complaining of hiccups. I'll read her all these tips. Thanks!

Hiccups in humans - show an evolutionary link to fish...

Did you know this?
What biological function do hiccups serve?
Are hiccups somehow useful to the body?


When an unborn child or very young baby gets the hiccups

some say it's helping mature their respiratory system. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's so cute.

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I have found that stretching will do the trick too

and as it turns out, static stretching does also lower the heart rate.

To get rid of hiccups, I stretch my pectoral muscles by sticking one arm out a little higher than 180 degrees up the inside of a door frame while keeping the rest of my body in front of the door frame, slightly turned towards the direction of my free arm, and with my foot that is on the same side as is being stretched slightly further out than the opposing foot (this is for better leverage). My arm on the door frame is bent at the elbow just slightly. Then I proceed to simultaneously gently push against the door frame with the palm of my hand that is on it and move that side of my chest towards the direction of my free arm. Adjusting the angle at which the your arm is on the door frame concentrates stretching different areas of the muscle. I do this for about 15 to 20 seconds with each arm, and the hiccups usually go right away.

Hiccups Are Caused By A Lining of Mucous In The Back Of The ...

Hiccups Are Caused By A Lining of Mucous In The Back Of The Throat.

Simply remove the mucous with a Q-tip, and the hiccups are gone.

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I have my own method ...

... also works 100% of the time, if anyone wants to try it.

Hiccups are a spasm in the diaphragm that happens simultaneously when air is not getting to the voice box.

So, all you have to do is (either standing or sitting) tilt your head back as far as possible, and slowly breath in and out, very deeply. Just continue breathing in and out, deep breaths, slowly.

Even if you hiccup during this process, just continue for about 1 minute. Tilting your head back opens up the air passageway, and deep breathing pushes the diaphragm, which seems to stop the spasms.

Works every time.

This works every time:

Hold your breath for as long as comfortably possible, BUT allow yourself enough extra time to swallow 3x right before you take next breath..DONE

That's an amazing idea to lower the heart rate.

Coupled with the technique to get rid of hiccups, you're a genius!

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suck on a lemon slice

for a minute .... works

My suggestion which works like a charm

When hiccups develop, sit down, lean forward with elbows on your knees or a table. Massage your ear lobes with thumbs and first fingers. 30 seconds or less they will stop. I have even done it on my dogs. Yes, they get hiccups occasionally, but massaging their ear lobes stops their hiccups and they enjoy the massage as well.

I have made that suggestion to people of all ages and they are amazed how fast it works.

i forget where i learned this

but what i do is put in earplugs, hold my nose and drink as much of a glass of water as i can. works every time.

This method really does work for me...


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Me too

I've been doing it this way ever since I was a child. Works like a charm.

Hiccups? I'm not surprised.

see more of Calvin's battles with hiccups https://www.google.com/search?q=calvin+and+hobbes+hiccups&so...

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