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Lincoln: Slavery, State’s Rights, and Civil War

Lysander Spooner: No Treason

The pretense that the “abolition of slavery” was either a motive or justification for the war, is a fraud of the same character with that of “maintaining the national honor.” Who, but such usurpers, robbers, and murderers as they, ever established slavery? Or what government, except one resting upon the sword, like the one we now have, was ever capable of maintaining slavery? And why did these men abolish slavery? Not from any love of liberty in general — not as an act of justice to the black man himself, but only “as a war measure,” and because they wanted his assistance, and that of his friends, in carrying on the war they had undertaken for maintaining and intensifying that political, commercial, and industrial slavery, to which they have subjected the great body of the people, both black and white. And yet these imposters now cry out that they have abolished the chattel slavery of the black man — although that was not the motive of the war — as if they thought they could thereby conceal, atone for, or justify that other slavery which they were fighting to perpetuate, and to render more rigorous and inexorable than it ever was before. There was no difference of principle — but only of degree — between the slavery they boast they have abolished, and the slavery they were fighting to preserve; for all restraints upon men’s natural liberty, not necessary for the simple maintenance of justice, are of the nature of slavery, and differ >from each other only in degree.

I’ve recently spent some time researching Lincoln’s views on slavery and secession in an attempt to understand what really drove eleven states to dissolve their affiliation with the United States of America and the subsequent War of the States that claimed the lives of over 600,000 people.

I've put together a bunch of research on the subject here:

Lincoln: Slavery, State’s Rights, and Civil War

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Redistibution of wealth.

Trainloads of loot ware sent back North.

Originally, High tariff on Southern trade were to pay Congressional Debts.

When The South refused the North sent in the wrecking crew to break a few windows.

Besides reading Karl Marx, Lincoln read Malthus.

Seven hundred thousand dead. National Bank, USDA, Conscription, Income Tax, Confiscate property of rebels.

Lincoln destroyed the Old Republic and replaced it with a marxist Union.

The New Republic 1787-1835 when Foreign debt paid.
The Old Republic 1835-1862 Federation abandoned.
Federal Union invaded and overthrew the Southern States.

We are still paying interest on on 1/3 of the Civil War debt.

How many Northerners bought a slave and set him or her free?

Free includes debt-free!

Spooner was amazing ...

... especially considering the time he lived. Also, it is well-established that Lincoln only wanted to "preserve the union" and didn't care whether that included slavery, no slavery, or some combination.

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Spooner is THE one who woke

Spooner is THE one who woke me up back in about 1974...

Beware the cult of "government"...

I haven't spent near enough

I haven't spent near enough time reading him. I'm always thoroughly impressed. The guy was brilliant. No doubt about it.

Not just a philosopher, he competed with the Post Office

To begin with, Spooner couldn't understand why the Post Office should have a monopoly on mail delivery. He was schooled enough in law, however, to know that the Constitution ordered Congress to provide for mail delivery and it had done so with a postal department. But the wily Spooner found a loophole - the Constitution did not declare that a private citizen could not do likewise.