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mall shoots 3 dead

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Somewhat horrified

that my first reaction was "how did a mall shoot 3 people??" =(

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"mall shoots 3 dead."

You mean to tell me that a mall shot three people?

You don't know how to capitalize?

You call this a DP Original?

Anyway, I guess it takes all kinds.

He's the man.

bAn mAlLs!!

bAn mAlLs!!

I'll bet the shooter was on psychotropics

The vast majority of shootings by youngsters involves boys raised on psychotropic drugs. We have a whole generation of kids with no coping skills or spiritual guidance in life, except to take drugs that make them angry, prescribed by doctors who should be in jail for experimenting on youth with dangerous drugs. It will be interesting to see if this is the same situation, and if the media will ever cover this aspect of the violence.

Not sure if typo

Or poignant commentary on the idea that inanimate objects kill people.

Either way, truly a sad situation. I do wonder why the name of the gunman isn't getting released.

my brother went to maryland

my brother went to maryland today to take some physical tests for capitol police. he texted me about this earlier.

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