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Emergency Health Scare! Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! Sign the Petition!

This petition is for the complete ban of Dihydrogen monoxide.

Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of people every year. Most of these deaths are caused by accidental inhalation of DHMO, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there. Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes severe tissue damage. Symptoms of DHMO ingestion can include excessive sweating and urination, and possibly a bloated feeling, nausea, vomiting and body electrolyte imbalance. For those who have become dependent, DHMO withdrawal means certain death.

Dihydrogen monoxide:
- is the major component of acid rain
- contributes to the "greenhouse effect"
- it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
- contributes to erosion
- accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals
- may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes
- has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients

Despite the dangers, dihydrogen monoxide is often used:
- as an industrial solvent and coolant.
- in nuclear power plants.
- in the production of styrofoam.
- as a fire retardant.
- in many forms of cruel animal research.
- as an additive in certain "junk-foods" and other food products.

Companies dump waste DHMO into rivers and the ocean, and nothing can be done to stop them because this practice is still legal.

Prove to the world that you are nobodies fool. Sign the petition today http://www.petitiononline.com/h2o/petition.html

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Amend the petition!

Add a grain of sodium chloride when talking about banning the dihydrogen monoxide.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Good news guys.

The MSDS says it's not listed as a carcinogen under IARC or ACGH, but it also says "To the best of our knowledge, the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been thoroughly investigated." So, I'm going to sit on the fence on this one and make up my mind after sufficient investigation. It's only prudent.

I also heard that, in small doses, it is useful for treating


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


Not sure I'd do that. I heard it's the leading cause of suffocation.

They already want to control the bubbles in beer.

Now 78% of liquid is to be banned. Oh horrors!

Free includes debt-free!

but i love Dihydrogen monoxide

that and throwback Pepsi. i really need to consume more r.o. Dihydrogen monoxide and less throwback Pepsi.
today i'm being real bad and consuming hfc coke, taste great though.

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In blind taste tests DHMO is indistinguishable from ordinary

toilet water.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.